Palestine conflict totally distorted by US media


It is hard for some people to understand the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict. It is hard for them to understand why it is such an important
issue for people outside of that region.

The reason it is hard to people not already familiar with the history
and nature of the conflict to learn about it is because of the way it is
 portrayed in the mass media, especially American media.


On TV the conflict always starts the story in the middle. The
occupation and property theft is not mentioned. Instead the story starts
 whenever there is a provocation done towards the Israelis and then they
 “respond” to it. Israel is always on the defense. Home demolitions,
destruction of farmland, check points, beatings, jailings, shootings,
arson and forcibly annexed territory are not in the narrative. The
childish excuse for this behavior is the claim that god is a real estate
 agent and that he gave that particular land over exclusively to a
particular ethnicity according to books written by that same ethnic
religious group. It is as ridiculous as declaring manifest destiny to
justify genocide in the Americas. The difference is, all of this is
happening in Palestine presently.

What is the excuse for the lopsided coverage in American news outlets
 especially? How can a state openly practice a racial apartheid complete
 with Jewish only colonies and roads, segregated high schools, and laws
that forbidden interracial marriage, persist without a single word of
opposition from a single television station? The free press is a myth.
There is nothing free about the press. Opposition to Zionist is
journalistic suicide. It will get professors fired from colleges as
well. This is the civil rights issue of our day. Where it is very safe
and agreeable to demonize Nazis or Stalin, or the institution of
slavery, it takes no courage to voice such opinions today. They are
indefensible, however migrant camps, racial colonization and free range
bombing of civilian centers, continues today in Palestine year after
year by Israel and the only question western states ask them is “how
much more money can we give you next year?”