Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson is a Historian from the College of William & Mary with 19 years of political activism in a variety of mediums: blogging, radio, books, film, and television.
Ryan Dawson has appeared multiple times on Russia Today, Press TV, Indus News, Sputnik, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Al Jazeera, anti-war radio, Eddie Bravo Radio, George Galloway, Pat Buchanan, and a variety of radio shows and podcasts.

Ry on the Web

Ryan Dawson is Webmaster and host for www.ANCreport.com which features podcasts on politics and economics with professionals from around the world.
Also a forum for anti-neocons
Over 3,000 youtube videos 55k subscribers and 30 million views. That is after being fully deleted 4 times.
httpss://www.youtube.com/user/rys2sense  It was deleted Dec 2008. The New Channel was deleted March 4th 2018 and again Feb 21 2019 However after pressure it was restored.
Substitute host for the What Really Happened Radio show with Mike Rivero.
Formerly Host of Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson on www.boilingfrogspost.com with FBI Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds
Author of “Welcome to the USSA” and “The Separation of Business and State” also the co-author of “Why Peace
The Separation of Business and State

Ryan Dawson Films:

War by Deception
Decades of Deception
Neocolonialism in Africa
The Empire Unmasked
God is Not a Real Estate Agent, Trump’s Zionist ball & chain
Syria: Israel’s invisible hand
‘The Jewish State’: How terrorists formed a nation
The Parasite

Ryan Dawson was made a Good Will Ambassador for Nara Japan
He was a Brazilian Jujitsu instructor, Buxton North Carolina
and a College lecturer Kobe University Kobe Japan

Antineocon report features a variety of guest on politics, philosophy and economics. Previous shows guests have been:

Dr Norman Finkelstein professor at multiple colleges,
Grant Smith of Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy,
Pepe Escobar of Asia times, Newsbud
Eric Margolis Toronto Sun and Huffington Post,
Sibel Edmonds FBI translator and author,
Peter Schiff CEO of Europe Pacific Capital,
Lew Rockwell Mises institute,
Bill Still film maker,
Jason Ditz journalist antiwar.com,
Thomas Mountain Foreign Policy Journal,
Jeff Blankfort audio program producer and human rights activist,
Adam Kokesh veteran activist,
Larken Rose author,
Scott Horton radio host of antiwar and author
Lew Rockwell American author, editor, and political consultant
Scott Rickard American intelligence linguist and SIGNT,
David Stein author and historian,
James Corbett journalist,
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Author
Kenhinde Sonola author and journalist,
Rob Prince professor University of Denver,
Steven Zunes Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco,
Germar Rodolf chemist and historian,
Mike Rivero independent media and NASA,
Eric Hunt film maker,
Scott Dawson archaeologist,
Gilad Atzmon philosopher,
Nicolas J.S. Davies author and writer for alternet,
Dr Philip Caper medical doctor,
Dr Joseph Gerson Director of Programs and the Director of the Peace and Economic Security Program of the American Friends Service Committee,
Dr Hamdy El-Rayes Foundation and Director of H.R. Mental Wellness Centre,
Professor Ira Chernus, professor
Karen Kwiakowski U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel,
Michael Collins Piper author,
Will Grigg lawyer,
Bill Conroy investigative journalist
Karl Denninger economist,
Doug Valentine author specializing on organized crime,
Alan Butler Founder And CeoGlobal Expanded Metals,
Mahdi Nazemroaya researcher and writer with global research,
Marc Guttman Author,
William Engdahl historian and economic researcher,
Julie Lévesque writer and human rights activist,
Maidhc Ó Cathail writer, he busted the story on McCain meeting with Al Nusra,
Chritine Hong Assistant Professor Santa Cruz,
Jeff Gates author at Foreign Policy Journal,
Peter Lavelle the host of Cross Talk on Russia Today,
Brad Hoff of the Levant report who broke the story on the DIA admitting the US fostered salafist groups including ISIS knowingly,
Veronica Clarke writer and historian,
Michael Darr Writer, twice interviewed on scripted CNN
Joaquin Flores journalist and analyst for the Center for Syncretic Studies
Mimi Al-Laham / Maram Susli journalist
Jon Hnatio U.S. Department of Energy & lawyer,
Kurt Haskell Lawyer,
Mark Sleboda Senior Lecturer Moscow State University,
Ted Postol professor of Science, Technology and International Security at MIT.
Ian Daily Mises Institute
Bess Byeres A Generation Empowered
Roger Waters Musician and activist
Joe Lauria United Nations correspondent and Journalist The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Montreal Gazette, The Johannesburg Star, The Washington Times, New York Magazine, ARTnews
Peter van Buren, State Department
Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative Magazine,
Senator Richard Black, VA state senator
Tom Hayes Film Maker
Sutt Jhally, Professor and Film Producer
Eva Bartlett On the ground journalist in Syria who lived n Gaza for three years
Philip Giraldi Counter terrorism specialist and military officer for the CIA. Executive Director of CNI
Marwa Osman Journalist
Greg Lovett Journalist and film maker
Robert Inlakesh Musician and activist
Andrie Saker (The Saker) Journalist and blogger
Eva Bartlett Journalist in Syria
Greg Felton Author
Andrew Illingworth Military Analyst
Alison Weir Writer and Activist
E. Michael Jones E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine
David Crowe President of Rethinking AIDS
David Martin Author
Dr Sabine Hossenfelder Theoretical Physicist, Author
Gary Byrne Author, Secret Service Uniformed Division, Federal Air Marshal
Kim MurphyAuthor, Civil War Rape


You get flack when you are over the target
Ryan has been the subject of hit pieces by the SPLC, the Daily Beast, BBCwatch (which has nothing to do with the BBC) and the ADL. And Interpreter magazine the same mag that blamed Paris attack on Russia and who has smeared, Ron Paul, Glen Greenwald, and many other peace advocates, wrote huge hit piece on me claiming I am everything from a person promoting bigotry to Holocaust denial to laughing about Nazi crimes. Ironically the ‘author’ Adam Holland supports actual Neo Nazis in Ukraine as well as Zionist involved in ethnic cleansing. He won’t even acknowledge that Israel has an occupation, referring to it as the so called ‘occupation.’ This is undoubtedly, his real motivation for slandering me.

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