Mass media now attacking me with “Holocaust Denial” wow



PBS and the Guardian, so far that I know of, have suddenly come out calling me a Holocaust denier and fake human rights activist. This libel started from Adam Holland back in 2014 and if I had the money I’d sue him. I address it back then and it seemed to go away but like a Ron Paul News letter they try to resurrect this garbage when they feel convenient. The timing of this resurgence seems to be motivated by the states disdain that they failed in their plans for Syria. They blame this on Russian media and alternative media for debunking the war party’s lies in real time. The PR mistake for Vietnam was not controlling the networks. The PR mistake for the current wars has been the internet which allows access to foreign media. Of course the best they can do is try to call everyone they dont like a Nazi.

Accusations like that are as bad as being called a rapist. It fact it’s worse because a rapist could probably still work in Hollywood or DC.  The purpose of the smear is to smear networks I’ve been on like RT and any guests I’ve ever had on my show which would all be antiwar.

Here is what is really behind the Russia hate. Russia ruined the Zionists’ ambitions in Syria. That’s the topic the Guardian brought up. The covert ISIS supporters have lost in Syria and Iraq and they are very bitter. Without Russian air support and media the Assad must go crowd would not have been defeated. The mass media lost to alternative media.

Last July after meeting with Putin, Trump cut all CIA funding and covert support for moderate rebels, which we all know were just an inter-medium for ISIS. As recently as the battle for Raqaa the US was protecting their proxy forces and facilitating an escape for ISIS officers, mostly likely Saudi and Israeli assets.

Without US in the way, only the SDF or the B-Team proxies remain in Syria to attempt Balkanization which was also plan B. ISIS was effectively defeated in a matter of months, as I predicted, without Hillary, Kerry, and Obama running the State Department and Presidency.

American and British media tried as hard as they could to drive a wedge between Russia and themselves. Democrats even blamed Americans voting for Trump or in many cases just against Hillary, on Russia ‘hacking’ the election. By that they mean sharing some of Hillary’s dirty secrets to the public. You read that right. Instead of being mad at the crook they are mad at whoever told on them. This is why they will lose the next election too.

I’m surprised the US didn’t give ISIS helicopters and say oh but these are just for transportation, it’s non lethal aid. That’s what they did with scores of Toyota Hilux trucks. And you see ISIS all in the same brand truck all new all with the same paint job and the US media tries to play stupid as if ISIS built those trucks themselves or some car dealership just happened to have hundreds of white Toyota Hilux pickup trucks in mass ready to sell… those vehicles were already there because this insurrection was planned a long time ago it was not some organic protest or “Arab Spring” a fancy re-branding of color coded revolution.

All throughout the 80s the CIA in tandem with foreign governments like Israel used a variety of black markets such as weapon sales, narcotics, and contraband through the embargo on Iran, to covertly finance a proxy force of mercenaries in Nicaragua. It was called Iran Contra. The entire time, uniformly the government and media denounced the Contras as they were chopping off heads and hands and using child soldiers, and get this, they even executed an American journalist on TV. Sounds a lot like ISIS doesn’t it? Publicly the US was against the Contras. Congress would not allow the US military to invade Central America. Privately the US was training, arming, and financing the Contras the whole time. Tens of thousands of people were killed in the war and who knows how many died from the drug cartels the CIA turned into millionaires. Syria really is Iran Contra 2.0 only this time there was an Internet. We didn’t have to wait for a CIA plane to crash with illegal cargo. Also during this time the US had another proxy force in Afghanistan of freedom fighters now known as Al Qaeda.

In Syria, Russia foiled the plot. Yet the West cannot openly say hey don’t kill ISIS and Al Nusra front, don’t kill Al Qaeda, those are our Rent-a-terrorist networks we’ve been using since the 80s. So they try everything from pussy riot to hacked elections to decrying Putin is the next Hitler, a favorite tactic of theirs, to cause distrust for Russian media. They are scared to death of a new source with wide dissemination that they can’t control.

I can tell you every time I’ve ever been on RT they did not tell me what to say or censor anything I said. I cannot say the same for other news outlets. So now I’ve got PBS and the Guardian two of the less bad MSM outlets calling me or alluding that I’m a Holocaust denier. WTF.  I’ve been an antiwar and human rights advocate for my entire adult life.  

Of the thousands of videos and audio interviews I’ve done only two guys ever talked about the holocaust from the revisionist side, David Cole Stein and Eric Hunt. Cole was an X revisionist who sincerely changed his mind as he cane upon new evidence. People still think he is faking that, people also think Sandyhook was faked so there is no controlling stupid. The plan was to have Cole and Hunt debate, and I would moderate as both would trust that I’d be fair. Well it never happened for reasons I currently lack the energy to explain, but suffice it to say, using Cole’s arguments to bolster my own, I actually converted Eric Hunt. That was mostly Cole’s research and my patience. (He doesn’t have much of that). It’s ironic, as a lifetime Zionist, and the Jew, people assume David Cole could have never been a revisionist. As a life time anti-Zionist people assume I’d be warm to revisionist. I wouldn’t say not wanting to throw people in jail equates to ok so then you agree with holocaust denial either. I hate antifa and communism, I hate racial separatist and religious fanatics, and people who talk in the theater, but I don’t advocate throwing people in jail for what I consider to be just being stupid.

I do not deny ‘the’ Holocaust. I’m also not a revisionist. My forte in WWII is the Pacific Theater, I even live in Japan and speak Japanese. I do take issue with the word “the” in the Holocaust. How was nuking two civilian cities, (death by fire) not also holocausts? Was it because the allied did it? The US war machine has killed millions of people since WWII. The US is always looking And accusing people of being new Hitlers, it should look in the mirror. That is what I see is the real motive here to smear me. They are trying degrees of Kevin Bacon tactic. This guy on this show had this other guy who knows a guy that said these bad things therefore every association he’s ever made is a Nazi who kicks puppies and robs babies. It’s guilt by association and fabrication.

If I had the money I’d sue them all. But the US and UK don’t really have a legal system for poor people. The initial capital it takes for a lawyer effectively disqualifies poorer people from risking litigation because it’s too expensive and based realistically on who has more money not on who has the better argument aka is telling the truth.