Guardian libels me in their Syrian War propaganda piece


 Hooray I get to sue the Guardian for Libel  that is if I had the money. Too bad the court system doesn’t exist for poor people. 


They called me a Holocaust “revisionist” implying holocaust denier.  These people are really desperate to smear the antiwar journalist. He  was afraid to link to my interviews that he referenced either. 

 Both revisionists I interviewed believed there was a Holocaust, what we  were doing was debunking exaggerations because those get used by deniers  to make their slipper slope case. I  also made people mad by pointing out the other groups of people who were  murdered by the millions at the hand of the allied powers.  

Apparently Goyim lives don’t matter. 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death  before the war started by a Communist US ally Joseph Stalin. I see kids  today with communist flags yelling Nazi at everyone they don’t like and  justifying violence by couching it as fighting fascism. Look Nazism was  defeated Communism is still alive and well. These leftist kids think of  Fidel and Stalin as heroes. They come out in mass as Antifa in any major city.

So maybe those horrors of WWII deserve more focus. It’s not a pissing contest. It doesn’t subtract from the victims  of fascism. It’s not antisemitic to point out lopsided focus on the Axis powers’ crimes. The US Nuked two civilian cities. How is that not a Holocaust? The US murdered millions of people before and after WWII why are these atrocities not evoked as often or be as viciously condemned? Oh that’s right because its not war crimes when “We” do it.