What about the West Coast Stop AIPAC conference? Let’s make it happen.


The conference on Israel’s influence in DC went very well this year. I want next year’s event to be even bigger. in fact I’d like to double the speakers and hold another event on the west coast following the east coast event. I am going to talk to grant smith about it. we could get some real sponsors for a west coast stop Israel’s influence event. its better for America and better for Israel and better for Palestine if we reduce the influence of these Zionist bigots who openly engage in apartheid. If I have to do with with just ANC then I will, we got 12 guys now. Ill speak, I know Jeff Blankfort will speak, I’m sure Raimondo will again, and others who live on the West Coast. What about this summer? I also want to show and have some films as was done in DC.


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Think of all the things we could make happen.
We could make the even biannual rather than once a year. It would be available to those who were unable to travel to DC.
There will be baggies of free goodies. It will be separate from the East Coast event although it is on the same topic. You can donate today by using the the old send Ry to DC link. Any donations over $21 will also get the passcode and link to the film the Empire Unmasked. If you haven’t seen that yet, it is a must see.