Washington Post sued over Covington


WP getting sued

Washington Post’s defense seems to be well everyone was doing it, we all got it wrong bla bla bla. They clearly had an archetype to fry. So any accusation that fit with targeting conservative “preppy” white high school boys, had the regressive left nearly nut in their cappuccinos. The thrill of exerting their own hate through socially acceptable condemnation towards their prejudice could not be stopped by facts. The Cyber world is a pussy’s chance to bully. The boys were guilty because the leftist hipsters needed them to be guilty. As Bari Weiss admitting. she saw that boy smile and was flooded with her own high school memories. Thus she was, like other leftists, filled with outrage based on her own un-workedout anxiety. The judgemental Snob often doesn’t know why people dont like them. If you were less mature in high school than you are today as an adult, which I think it is fair to say about anyone, and you are this prejudice and judgemental as an adult, then it is fair to there was a good reason you were not cool and not liked in high school. No it is not because of you gender or color or shape, or religion, it is because you’re a skittish sissy.

Tattle-tale culture has become the norm. Control freaks have realized that they can censor and damage people financially if they don’t like simply by invoking an ism. Some of them have figured out that, being in the true privileged class the regressive left, that they can harass without consequence and if they get a response they can report it and have people banned across platforms. The true privileged class has figured out that they can even commit acts of violence towards groups they don’t like and those groups will be put in jail for defending themselves. Such was the case for RAM in Charlottesville and the Proud Boys in New York both of whom were physically attacked by ANTIFA. Nothing happened to ANTIFA but the conservatives they attacked are in jail or are facing jail time.

President Trump alluded at CPAC that he would be cracking down on the lack of free speech at college campuses and online. It is clear to anyone with a brain that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, Paypal, Vimeo bans flow one direction. All of these Cali based companies are extremely leftist, I have been banned on all of then other than Twitter. After Human review I have had things restored, but it is still a harassment campaign for me to be blocked for months out of the year where I must constantly prove my innocence. In the case of Vimeo they just walked away with $5,000 in profits and used the canard that anti-zionism = antisemitism as justification of their theft and banning. Free Speech need to be the number 1 issue going into the 20/20 election. The statistics are clear the left wants more restrictions the right wants less.

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