Think about the Dancing Israelis


Think about the Dancing Israelis. Think about how stupid their story is. Oh so after college and the military you decided to go move to America at the behest of the Jewish Agency whose board of governors billionaire gave the police commissioner of New York a quarter million dollars. So you all learn English and Move to Brooklyn and New Jersey to work at a moving company for minimum wage. That two of you were flagged by the counter intelligence data base as being part of Israeli intelligence is just a coincidence. So you move to America to work at a moving company for minimum wage and low and behold the very same company ends its business on 911 the owner flees back to Israel and leave furniture stranded in the middle of the warehouse. He also leaves behind computers and gear. Why was he in such a hurry to drop his business and flee the country? Oh could it be because 5 of his employees were arrested after three of them were witnessed filming and celebrating the 911 attacks on the WTC.

So you move from Israel to New York which is not cheap, you go to work at a furniture moving company and then a few days before 911 you randomly decide to go visit Doric towers right across the river form the WTC and you mark it on a map with a highlighter. And then on 911 you bring your cameras to work with you. Three of you plus another van decide to go back to Doric on 911 witnesses as early as 8:15am before the first plane hits and you also bring the cameras. You film the plane hitting the tower and celebrate. Later you claim you thought it was an accident. But if thats true why were you flicking lighters and giving each other high fives over a horrible accidental plane crash?

Then you get arrested and wow all of you have immediate travel plans to leave the country. Did you know the business you were working for was going to shut down on that exact day? Did all of you plan a vacation at the same time even though each of you were going to different countries? Was there also some reason you were traveling around New Jersey with $4700 in cash? Gosh then some of your compatriots also get arrested in their moving vans. Then the FBI flags a fellow moving company as having been utilized by a 911 hijacker.

Oh and wow look here apparently you some of you used to live in Florida before moving to New York and wow out of the 17 million people in Florida you lived just down the street from 911 hijackers and then when you moved to New York you were just a short ride from Mohammad Atta’s place again near the 911 hijackers who were also using your front company I mean moving company.

Give me a break