Syrian chemical attack, such timing


Amazing how much chemical attacks are covered on TV. The US has been blowing up people by the hundreds with conventional fire bombs regularly and none of that got any news. The reason this one is getting so much press is because it is part of a PR campaign.

The regressive left will blame Assad and Russia no doubt and the Neocons would blame the extinction of the dinosaurs on Assad if they could. All they ever do is lie about Syria. Every time the terrorists are losing the war the west pulls a PR stunt. Make no mistake about it, this is for PR, for it makes no difference at all battlefield-wise in the war.  There is no motive for the government to pull a useless tactic that doesn’t help them with anything and hurts them internationally. They are winning the war. The US is finally against regime change. The gassing is in a terrorist controlled area. The only thing such an attack does is serve as PR for the terrorist rebel groups. And when you look back, the terrorist have used gas before and blamed it on Assad before. You can all remember that terrorist had used gas on two occasions in the past and so UN inspectors went to Syria to investigate the second gassing. While they were there, conveniently there was a third gassing, the victims were partisans of Assad. Prior to the attack Wahhabi fanatic had made videos of themselves which were posted online which were showing off their gas. They were killing rabbits with gas, set to Islamic music. I predicted that they were going to use gas and blame it on Assad before they did it.

From 2012, 8 months before the gas attack in Ghouta.

After they clearly had chemical weapons, Obama drew a red line in the sand. Basically he created a line so that he would have a pretext to intervene further after the US” Wahhabi cannon fodder crossed the line and the media blamed it all on Assad. All the US media ever does is lie about the middle east for whatever is in Israeli interests. People talk about Assad like he’s a monster. Most of them didn’t even know who he was until the US invaded Syria. Assad was president since 2000, and for ten years didn’t have any violence. Suddenly after the second phase in the neocon play book was over in Iraq, snipers start shootings people in Syria and terrorist show up with western weapons demanding a new state. Long before Syria disarmed their chemical weapons, Assad had called for a mutual disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. this included nuclear weapons and of course the Israelis wouldn’t do that. The Israel wont even admit that they have nuclear weapons even though the whole world already knows that they do. It is a lie that can only be maintained in politics. Like the one China policy. Everyone knows that Taiwan exist. Taiwan has its own government, tax system, currency,  passports, and laws. Yet China insists that no one acknowledge Taiwan as separate from China. And so they walk around like it is just as invisible as Israel’s nuclear weapons stock pile, which is now in the hundreds and not subject to inspections.

Yes, for once the broken clocks are right because this was a false flag. the problem is with all the kooks saying false flag about everything under the sun including school shootings, no one is gonna listen any more. It is important that if you are an American that you call your representatives today and tell them hands off Syria.