Syrian army advances on war-winning objective (video)


Miku S (ANC Report)

Syrian army soldiers fighting against Islamic State terrorists (also abbreviated as IS, ISIL or ISIS) in eastern Syria are approaching very close to an important strategic objective near the border with western Iraq. The objective they seek will very much ensure the victory of Damascus over hostile foreign players (i.e. United States and Saudi Arabia) and their armed proxies in Syria.

The town of Abu Kamal is one of ISIL’s few remaining strongholds in Syria. The town is placed near the western border of Iraq and through it travels the only remaining road held by the Wahhabi jihadists which leads into Iraq.

Currently the Syrian army is at the gates of a large airbase called the T-2 Military Airport in the middle of the south Syrian desert which is the final obstacle between government troops and the strategic town. In this advance the Syrian army has found itself supported by Hezbollah (a powerful Lebanese militia which is allied to the Syrian government).


Syrian troops supported by Hezbollah advancing on T-2 military airport

Should Syrian forces take Abu Kamal (which they are now so very close to) then Damascus will have gained full control of a main highway that connects government controlled territory in Syria to Baghdad (capital of Iraq) and Baghdad to Tehran (capital of Iran). On the Iraqi side of the border, Iraqi troops (fighting for a government which is friendly to President Bashar al-Assad) are close to liberating the opposing border town of Al-Qaim.

It comes as no surprise that US controlled ‘moderate’ proxies in the form of the Kurdish YPG (which disguises itself as the Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF) are also attempting to advance on the town from the north-east of the country so they can deny this crucial land corridor from Damascus to Tehran and ensure that Syria remains territoriality isolated from its main regional ally for many years to come.