Syria: Israel’s Invisible Hand Excerpt


This is just a snippet to give you a feel for the production quality. As always with any of my films the content will be thick and full of facts.

The world needs to know that there was no popular uprising in Syria. Also the US once again is not fighting over oil or any of the common leftist tropes that are used to cover for the actual war architects. 

 As with Iraq, Syria has been torn apart the past 6 years over Israeli interests, Israeli plans, and Israeli influence over the US. The old safari Club players Saudi Arabia and Israel have overlapping interest against the Iran Iraq Syria Lebanon resistance axis.   Many agencies have been involved in different stages of the conflict for different interests. But only one wrote the script for the war and only one is still calling for Assad to go and using their own airforce to attack Syria and that’s Israel.

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Illingworth and I plan on cranking out two more films THIS YEAR on Yemen and on Libya. So long as we can meet the goal again I believe we can stay on target.

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