Syria film push


Anyone giving 40 or more a month can be listed in the credits as a contributor for the Syria film.  Even if it is only for  this month, and of course you also get the film.  I have tons of other job work this coming week but my partner is working on the films visuals. All the research writing and narration is finished. Im trying to get a good push so I can pay him and get a graphic made for the movie cover. Also of course I’m saving up for DC.  With luck I can get this film over to Virginia state senator Richard Black.  As long as we maintain this level above 2380 I do believe we can pop out another film in a month as I will be getting a little time off in November.   UPDATE by the way this is not automatic I know some people prefer privacy and that is fine.  But if you are ok with getting credit just shoot me a message. i think its good because,  not only is it just kind of cool, it will also show to those watching that this really is a grass roots thing with no corporate sponsors.