Sources for Syria Factions and Fictions Part 1


 Podcasts mentioned
Richard Black interview

Eva Bartlett

William Endahl

Short must see Syria video

More sources


Ahrar al Sham,  Tawhid Army (Deir al-Zor), and  Syria Martyrs Brigades

Merger between   Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam, Suqour al-Sham, Liwa al-Tawhid, Liwa al-Haqq, Ansar al-Sham and the Kurdish Islamic Front

Ahrar al Sham backed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Army of the Lions of the East and other “moderate rebels getting Tow Missiles

FSA South Front 

Al Nusra

ISIS are Wahhabi fundementalist

Ahrar al Sham getting  Mohammed Zammar out of jail