Shameless, with the case dismissed after his death Epsteins Lawyers blame #Metoo


 Marc Fernich  who represented El Chapo as well is blaming the #metoo movement for targeting Epstein because he was a wealthy guy. He says this after he is dead and his case is dismissed. 

Epstein killed himself allegedly,  by tying the prison bed sheet to the top bunker and kneeling towards the floor. 

Why was he taken off suicide watch? Because his defense lawyers requested it. 

One of the two guards who were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes was not even a corrections officer.  They were both working over time and the procedures were not followed. 

He was also supposed to have a roommate. But that day his cell mate was out, maybe a  court appearance, (nypost suggests) but he was not immediately replaced as is required. 

With suicide watch removed and the roommate gone it was both the perfect time for him to kill himself or be suicided. Why was he removed from the watch? He was meeting up to 12 hours a day with his lawyers preparing a defense. Where was his cell mate? He was found dead at 6:30AM did his cell mate have a court appearance at 5am? Unlikely. 

With the guards not checking in and the cellmate removed and no camera available and no suicide watch thanks to his defense lawyers, there was a perfect opportunity for in-house murder.