Radical Americanism has killed Millions


Radical Americanism has killed Millions

Well in reaction to the left blaming guns and ignoring radical Islam, some on the right have fallen into this trap by giving themselves self congratulating pats on the back for having the bravery to not be PC and openly challenge militant Islam. While better than the leftist buffoons, the Alt right are still missing the boat and are still buffoons themselves. You can’t ignore radical Islam they say. The left would counter by pointing out all the peaceful Muslims which there are a far greater number of than the militant ones. Yeah and so what? That doesn’t negate the fact that there are militant ones. You can’t just ignore religion as a factor. You can say, well it’s not the norm, but you can’t just excuse it all away like it doesn’t matter. Mosques/churches/synagogues, do have organizational capacities and they do push enormous amounts on money into the hands of murderers. All that is true, however…

Have a look at History. Is what is happening in the Middle East, in Syria in particular really unique? When the US armed and financed the Contras in Nicaragua or the El Salvadorian death squads, the Catholics in Latin America were every bit as brutal as the Sunnis Muslims in the Middle East. They too cut off heads, killed civilians, raped, tortured, had child soldiers and killed prisoners, they just didn’t have YouTube and liveleak to show it off on.

I personally think religions moderate or not are a primitive and asinine way of explaining the world, especially if they are taken literally. However desperate actions are born out of desperate situations. It’s the desolate environment that makes radicalism appealing and not the other way around. For example Japan and Vietnam and Iran didn’t have suicide bombings until there were wars, all of which they started losing.

So yes radical Islam is a problem. However it can’t hold a candle to radical Americanism which has killed tens of millions. In fact ISIL is reliant on it every bit as much as the Contras were. The public in their exceptionalism is every bit as willfully ignorant as it was in the 80s. The most dangerous religion is Statism.

Look, lets be honest, these imperial escapades are not in national security interests. They are in multinational corporate interests. It’s always been that way. The sooner you can see past the latest boogyman with a beard waved in front of you on TV or the new, gooks, nips, chinks, drug deals, islamofascist, commies, dead-enders, savages, pick a negative slogan, the sooner you’ll see what really happens in the world and why. It is all at the direction of the empire. Maybe then you can stop being an angry basic bitch who gets manipulated into reacting to the disproportionate coverage given to leftist cultural relativist idiots on TV and social media.

It’s all to distract you from the age old story of the greedy profiting by coercing the masses into killing each other over tribal slogans and banners. If you want to stop terrorism, then your state must stop engaging in it itself. And if you want to stop ISIL then stop using so called moderate rebels as a conduit to covertly finance and arm the terrorist groups under the guise of ousting Assad. You wouldn’t need to bomb anything because mercenaries only fight for cash, and they have no manufacturing for weapons.