Racism, Hate Speech, How to Shut Down Whatever They Want


Racism, Hate Speech, How to Shut Down Whatever They Want

Online censorship is done flippantly, and journalists who go against the grain are targeted like they are terrorists. The weapon of choice is an accusation of hate speech. No proof needed.

Social media for a brief time allowed the public to push back against the lies and deceptions that have led to one pointless war after another, trillions in expenditures, and of course millions of deaths. Well the crooks don’t like it. Their favorite weapon is trumped up charges of prejudicial epithets. You’re a racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot, anti-Semite, xenophobic, trans-phobic, or their favorite, the N word, “Nazi”. And that is the end of discussion. Anyone anywhere can be kicked off social media based on accusation alone. There is no process of human review.  Even though I got it right on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, the Housing bubble, Afghanistan and many other major political events, all promoted by deceptions from the press, I have been censored. For a small window you could counter war propaganda online without having to discredit yourself by saying it’s all lizard people. This was short lived. It did not take long for Silicon-Valley to begin removing people for wrong think. Of course they don’t call it ‘wrong think,’ they call it Hate Speech.  Hate Speech is whatever YouTube hates. The other platforms are just as bad.

I was removed from Mayspace back in 2005, then AOL, later Facebook (over 18 times) Twitter, YouTube (4 times) Gumroad who took but then refunded my sales to customers after only a day, Vimeo who also stole $5,000 in sales that I had made, Teespring who also walked away with my T-shirt sales, Google Adsense who also walked away with my month’s earnings, Coinbase who also froze me out of my BTC, PayPal (thrice) who canceled all my reoccurring payments worth thousands and destroyed my ability to do business, Streamlabs who currently is in limbo with the final earning I made with them. My admins on Discord were booted, and interviews I have done on other channels has resulted in those videos being removed and that person receiving a strike on YouTube. Vimeo and Adsense both waited to delete me on payday, meaning they could take the maximum amount of my earnings. Let me give you a small taste of the things I’ve had removed over nothing just on YouTube. It’s happened 96 times, so when I say small taste, I’m serious.

This video did not glorify or incite violence. It was me defending myself from false accusations which resulted in violence done to me.

Here is the one that got me terminated as recently as 02/22/ 2019. I was able to get it back after I physically flew to Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin to speak to a human. That trip also cost thousands of dollars, but I had no choice. The robots would not respond to me with anything but pre-written scripts.

Don Lemon went on CNN and stated that White men are the biggest terror threat in the country and to do something about it. I was fighting racism, not engaging in it, yet I get banned and he gets to speak on CNN.

Basically, I said killing kids is wrong. Sniper shooting children and drones gassing babies is bad and creates predictable reactions. Woah Ry, tone down the hate speech.

YouTube continued to defend baby killers from criticism. What I did was the crime of reporting a story that had already been reported in Israeli papers. The problem was I called the child murdering arsonist, filth. Imagine for a second that Arab terrorists had done that to a house full of Jews in Israel.

That interview was the very opposite of glorifying violence.  Of course the robots/robot-people assumed that talking about German suffering means anti-Semitism. It doesn’t. Obviously more than one group can suffer.

In the opening sentence, I took issue with the use of the word Jew (an ethnic group) rather than Zionist (A political ideology that incorporates ethnic land claims). He defended that by pointing out how people often say the Kurds, the Russians, the Chinese and how Israel refers to itself as the Jewish State, so OK then, be responsible for all that comes with that. Not that it matters, because I got censored for pointing out difference between a biological and ideological group too. I got censored for criticizing actual hate speech.



I think this was an interview was about a story with Mel Gibson’s father. I can’t be sure because they erased it. I do know 100% that neither of us was engaging in hate speech. David Cole has also been smeared and physically targeted in the past.

That video was in 2008! They censored it in 2019.

OK guilty! I do tell redhead jokes. The joke is, as my viewers know, that I am red-green colorblind. I can’t even see redheads. (I can only feel their evil presence) My jokes about them are to highlight how stupid it is to joke about them. Like Dave Chappelle’s blind Klansmen.

I’ll let that speak for itself. But I have pages of these.

Do notice the 401-450 pages there. They finally stopped sending me mail. In May 2019 I was not allowed to monetize at all, and in November 2019 I was thrown off Adsense without a reason being given.

My first censorship on YouTube was 9 years prior to the vaulted adpocolypse.  This isn’t just a matter of free speech. In the cases of YouTube, Vimeo, Coinbase, Adsense, Teespring, PayPal, and yet to be seen Streamlabs, I lost money. I was robbed. And I lost the ability to earn money in the future. PayPal has caused more problems than that as I have had to scramble to find ways to pay employees who work overseas.  They also wrote to my donors saying that I had canceled them rather than admitting that they did it!

I’ve been forced to cancel trips, to work 19hr days, to buy multiple external hard drives to preserve my work. It has put a burden on the status of my visa in Japan where I live. And most recently it caused my youngest child to not be admitted to pre-school of which there are limited spots because PayPal canceled me days after I gave City Hall information about my PayPal revenue and Tax information, which I had to translate into Japanese. What should terrify people is that:

1) I’m not the only one. I might get it more than most, but this is happening everywhere and can happen to anyone.

2) They don’t even need to provide a reason or evidence to censor you, or worse, steal your money.

I had PayPal for 15 years, Adsense for a dozen years and Twitter for over a decade and they were all censored in the past 30 days. Adsense and PayPal were done on the same day and PayPal also erased my wife’s account. The replacement of Streamlabs was also censored Dec 2019, the day after I returned from an international trip visiting my 90 year old Grand Mother who had a heart attack.  Political censorship is growing nothing is being done about it.

Update both Streamlabs and Stream Elements have censored me from payments. And on March 11th I was banned from twitter which canceled 15k followers. My crime was stating I hope ISIS is effected by the Corona virus.

I am by no means alone. Red Ice, lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers when their YouTube and facebook were both canceled.  Adam Green was kicked off of PayPal, The Ralph Retort was recently booted from Dlive after having already lost YouTube. TruNews was kicked off of YouTube. All of these channels favor Conservatives more than Liberals. And of course the pretext to erase political dissidence is always the claim of “Hate Speech’