Popcorn anyone?


The Syrian army along with Hezbollah forces will be entering Abu Kamal together with Iraqi Hash’d a- Sha’abi (PMU) militia. ISIS has nothing left and the SDF lost all negotiating leverage, if they planned to annex a piece of Syria for a Kurdistan, when Iraq effectively wiped out the Peshmerga forces on their side of the Boarder.

Essentially, the Syrian war is over after six years of fighting. Russia has invited all parties to hammer it out in Sochi November 18.
The big question, I believe, will be will Turkey tow the NATO line or will the Kurdish problem be too much of a wedge and push them to side further with Iraq and Iran.The latter seems more likely.

The old safari club, France US Israel and Saudi Arabia have split up. France is out of the Syria theater completely and is nagging the US to join them in North Africa. Israel and Saudi Arabia were planning to launch an offensive on Hezbollah. However as recent news has shown both countries especially Saudi Arabia have been having major internal problems. The Saudi yes man Hariri resigned in Lebanon. Princes are dropping like flies.

I’m running out of popcorn.

Israel’s 30 year plan just went up in smoke in a weeks time.

PS I hope it is not lost on anyone that through the power of Internet memes the King of Pop is also now the King of Popcorn.