Politics in 60 seconds: US Healthcare.


Politics in 60 seconds. US Healthcare.


People like to argue about who will pay for healthcare should insurance be paid for by the government, employers, or out of pocket? However, no matter who pays for it or what ratio is paid for by which faction, healthcare is too expensive.

Instead of looking at how to paid for something that is over priced, ask why is it over priced? Why is the exact same procedure or drug priced differently for different people? The more you make the more expensive it is. Having insurance can be offset by the price increasing because of it. But why? Why would an insurance company that can negotiate with volume get a higher price than a person with no insurance? Because they can’t negotiate. Lobbies have created government regulations that dictate higher prices whenever there are higher means.

The key to lowering cost is deregulating these bad protectionist regulations. That’s deregulate the bad ones not blanketly deregulate everything.
Allow market competition for insurance but more importantly allow price negotiations for the procedures themselves.
Demand open books for pricing!