Political Correctness is Prejudice



1 Talk about legalizing drugs people assume you just wanna do drugs.

2 Talk about The South’s side in the Civil War and people call you racist.

3 Talk about anything that deviates from the WWII narrative shoved down your throat in school and you’re a Nazi.

4 Question aspects on 911 and You’re one of those crazy people.

5 Dispel some of the myths promoted by feminist extremist and you just hate women.

6 Talk about say the ethnic cleansing of some group like and immediately its becomes a pissing match of who suffered more.

7 Talk about opposition to illegal immigration and you’re just xenophobic you must be there could be no other reason.

8 Oppose arbitrarily raising minimum wage, and you just hate the poor and you are a greedy SOB.

9 Oppose male circumcision and it will immediately be compared to what happens to females in some third world countries as if opposing one is thus endorsing the other.

10 Criticize religion other than Christianity and you are just fill in the blank aphobic.

These are just a few examples

If people can’t prevent themselves from being “triggered” aka emotionally spazz out and assume you know everything about a topic that you actually don’t know anything about it. Then we can’t have political discourse on any subject without filtering it through the PC police and preconceptions.