PayPal has canceled us


PayPal has canceled us.
I do not know how this effects the memberships. This could be the source of the login issue some people have. I know that no new ones can be made. I don’t know if the ones made before the cancellation will work for a month or not or what. I have called them and complained. I was not given a clear reason why I was canceled. But I have been with them for 15 years. It just takes one person to not like content and decided to erase your account. Given that this is a political site its practically impossible to appease the entire spectrum. Apparently someone doesn’t like the anti-war politics. I asked that it be in re-review. This is going to destroy our family. As you know I am in Japan much of the year and Paypal is how I do business online. Im pretty certain some Zionist just didn’t like our antiwar stance.



There is a Zionist group on twitter celebrating this takedown

The group celebrating my censorship guys like

@gabehoff Tried to sue the child abuse victim who appeared in his own movie when it did not make enough $. Lol and my films have made more in a day than his did in total.