Over Americated

Americans Are Over Medicated
Welcome to the United States of Amedicata
Where we’re over medicated for the sake of profit.
      Drug companies are Publicly traded companies which means their sole purpose is to increase profit margins. The only way they can do that is to sell more drugs. Stop and ask yourself something. Isn’t it odd that prescription drugs are advertised on TV? Isn’t a doctor supposed to say if you need drugs? So why are they advertizing? A doctor is trained to prescribe a drug for you based on what you need and is supposed to tell you and which one(s) to take. But people are going to doctors saying that they want ‘such and such’. If an honest doctor, who is not manipulated by kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, does not comply, then the patient can ask for another doctor who will give them what they want.
            Think about this, how many drug commercials do you see on TV? Even compared to 2 or 3 years ago?  Depression, erections, dieting, ADD, ADHD,OCD, constipation, age, heartburn, you name it they sell it. The drugs are never made to cure you either. They are to be taken everyday for all of your life. Many of these ‘diseases’ when they even exist, are fixable. But it’s only profitable for drug companies if they can give you a daily medication.
    Drug companies are invading our schools. They are trying to turn teachers into psychotropic drug recruiters. 80% of the world’s ritalin is consumed in the US. There is no empirical test for not liking school, not paying attention, or being hyper, so they go over vague symptoms and issue the pills. There is a huge market for such drugs as well. All one has to do it take the legal drug crush it and sniff it and they can get the same effects as illegal drugs.
      How many spam emails do you get for different drugs? Count the drug and food commercials in a football game, Enzyte, Zoloft, etc. Why food? Because normal everyday products (like food) actually are being made harmful to your health. See this article on Shampoos. No wonder the pro Bush crowd has shiny hair. Ha Ha
       A lot of our foods would not be allowed in other countries. A lot of the preservatives in our food cause a long list of problems and act on us like retardants. This along with our occupational driven education/indoctrination system which I wrote about in ‘You are not what you own’, do a heavy number on us as individuals. We have enough MSG to mummify a person.

Remember St. Johns wart? It was a bogus antidepressant, and a study came out confirming it was no more than a placebo. Well, they didn’t show the whole study. What the study found was that when St. J. was compared to two antidepressants. St. J and the two other normal prescription antidepressants had no more effects than a placebo on ridding depression.

      Who hasn’t been coerced into (or the attempt been made to) taking a daily prescription pill? Nearly a third of the males in elementry schools are now being medicated for a non-physically testable disorder of ADD, I’m not saying the disorder is not real, it is real, but I would say 90% of the cases are bull. I think it is just as curable with no medication.  Mental health suffers the most. Psychological problems are not treatable with happy pills. For example, Anorexea and OCD, are disorders dealing with control, not the fear of being fat or the fear of clutter. (moslty are women with over controlling environments or Type A task based pride folks who see renuciation as a form winning against the self, who they often do not like). These with depression make the top three leading psychological disorders. Alcoholism would be, but it is somehow considered a disease, when in reality it is a drug addiction and should be treated as such. And yes some drug addictions are not chemical, they are psychological which can be worse. Many behaviors are reactions to our environment, one can’t change the environment so they change their internal states. Sometimes it is self medication against depression, never a fix just a retreat. Why so depressed? My thoughts.
    Drug companies gave Bush over 260 million dollars. They gave almost as much to Kerry. Remember the Anthrax scare? That lasted about two weeks the drug companies were given a fat old check and the entire thing stopped. The anthrax by the way came from Israel not arab terrorists, but that is a tangent.
     How about the other scare-the-hell-out-of-you diseases like SARS or Monkey Pox or West Nile or Indian Bird Flue (or whatever the last one was,) Flu vaccine shortage. This is scare tactics to rush you to buy. I for one have never had a flu shot. You don’t need it! In fact it can make you sick. These were all over exaggerated money makers.
What wackass new scare disease will they make up for 2005? Be watching the TV screen because they are coming.
Fear begets consumerism. Envy does the same. They want to pump you full of fear an envy because they are greedy. A Healthy solution is to turn off the TV.  “Eating square meals and moderate exercise is the best way to prevent most ills. Plenty of sex, self actualizing activities, and moderate autonomous action will prevent the need for behavior problems and mental illnesses, be self willed.” Dr. Ry
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Why are illiegal drug illegal? Lumber and drug companies would lose money if Pot was legal or even decriminalized. Drug money also pays for paramilitary groups. Not to mention jail is a business. Coming soon…
 (and no I do not smoke weed.)