Rudolf Sonneborn – Sonneborn institute (Charity for holocaust victims very politically sensitive to question it)
Henry Montor -Direction of United Jewish Appeal
David Bengurion Chairman of the Jewish Agency
Abba Hillel Silver – Chairman of the US section of the Jewish Agency
Teddy Kolleck – Executive Sec of Jewish Agency Future Mayor
Yehuda Arazi – Haganah Chief arm purchaser

Leonard Weisman -Material Redistribution Company
-Paragon Design and Development
-Pratt Steam lines
w/ Naham Bernstein – Foundry Associates (paper only company)

Sam Sloan – Scrap Metal Dealer network

Elie Schalit Moved arms form NY to Palestine
Samueal Zemurray – contacts in Latin America (largest share holder of United Fruit)
Reuven Danfi – Haganah contacts with Mafia Sam Kay of Miami who had contacts in Latin America


Sam Kay – Miami Mafia
Meyer Lansky – New York Docks
Albert Anastasia – New York Docks
Abner Zwillman – New Jersey Ports
Mickey Cohen – 1 million for Irgun