The Lost Colony, lost because entertainment is louder than history


The  Lost Colony was never really a mystery until a 1937 play made it one.  In the primary sources it is very clear that the colonist went back to  Croatoan. Yes I said “went back to” not went to, because they had been  there before. In the play the story starts with the fourth voyage which  was to Roanoke.  But this is starting the story in the middle. There  were three voyages prior to going to Roanoke all of which went to  Croatoan now named Hatteras Island. This is why the colonists on Roanoke  wrote the word Croatoan on a palisade and a tree.  They even had a  Native with them who had learned English and had traveled to England and  back with them who was from Croatoan Island. Now there is archeological  evidence on top of all that showing exactly where on Croatoan they went  and what most likely happened to them. The REAL Lost colony story  starts from what happened after they returned to Croatoan not what  happened on Roanoke.

Yes that is my Brother it is not me.