Lets walk through the latest rounds of Violence between US and Iran


Lets walk through the latest rounds of Violence between US and Iran

First of all, all these events take place under the backdrop of the US’s unilateral decision to leave the JCPOA put sanctions on Iran’s imports and exports. Some nations had waivers allowing them to continue trade, President Trump ended these as well. Shortly after, were strange bombings of oil takers in the Straight of Hormuz, including one Japanese ship carrying methanol that was attacked as the Prime Minister of Japan was in Iran. Then the US entered Iranian airspace with an advanced drone which was promptly shot down. Prior to scrapping the Iran deal and placing sanctions on Iran, Iran’s nuclear power plants were attacked with the Stuxnet virus, their scientist were assassinated, and periodic attacks were made by Arab Separatist, MEK both of which commit acts of terrorism but are not designated as terrorist group by the USA. MEK carried out an attack against Iran with Ramsey Yousef who was involved in the 1993 WTC bombing terrorist attack. Still MEK gets Israeli support, so it is not a shock that the US follows their lead. Some believe that’s how it has always been. Was Yousef an asset of Israel when he attacked the WTC?

So starting from December 2019 to Jan 2020

1 A US contractor was killed in a rocket attack on the K1 airbase in Kirkuk
This base is part of OIR Operation Inherent Resolve, which is supposed to be about fighting ISIS, something Soleimani was also doing very effectively in Iraq and Syria.

The most likely culprits of the attack, one would think, would be ISIS. However the US blamed in on Kataib Hezbollah, known in the western media more generically as an Iranian backed militia. Now evidence for this was ever provided and Kataib Hezbollah also did not take responsibility/credit for the attack. As a sub unit of the PMU their main objective is also to fight ISIS.

2 Based on accusation alone the US retaliated by conducting an airstrike on KH fighters in Iraq and Syria and kills 25 people while inuring 55 more. Abu Ali Khazali, a commander, was also killed in this attack.

3 Reacting to that, a mob that attended a funeral for the murdered PMU fighters, stormed a US embassy vandalizing, taking papers, and even setting a fire. This was not an organized attack by Soleimani with weapons, it was angry protestors storming the US embassy with stones and their bare hands. They were angry obviously that the US had attacked Iraqis on the border with Syria, fighting ISIS with an airstrike.

4 Claiming that the Iranian General Soleimani was about to conduct an attack, the sent drones to his known and publicly announced location and blew up his car murdering him.

In a White House intelligence briefing to congress, the White House failed to provide any evidence that Soleimani or Iran in general was planning to attack the US. Also no evidence has been provided that KH was who attacked the K1 based either. Even the Hawkish second generation Neocon Secretary of Defense Mark Esper admits now he saw no evidence of a planned attack. Senators Mike Lee, Tim Kaine, Rand Paul also voiced their position that the White House intelligence briefing provided nothing new.

“It was probably the worst briefing I’ve seen at least on a military issue in the nine years I’ve served in the United States Senate,” Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah”

Furthermore new information shows that Trump ordered the assassination 7 months ago. So it didn’t matter what he was or wasn’t about to do, the decision to murder him had already been made. (That is exactly when Bolton last met with his Israeli working group on Iran)

4 Responding to this attack, Iran attacked equipment at two US bases in Iraq, destroying at least one helicopter, tents and hand tools. It could have been much worse and much larger. Iran also demonstrated that the US can not defend against ballistic missiles as not a single one was intercepted even while knowing Iran was likely going to do this as soon as Soleimani’s funeral had finished.


ISIS newspapers gave praise to God from Trump killing Soleimani.

Christian Evangelist Mike Pompeo, We Lie Cheat and Steal. (He forgot to add murder).