Leave the Statues Alone


The old axiom History is written by the winners, will soon need to be changed to History is written by the whiners. Closet communist and directionless youth incapable of accepted accountability or responsibility for personal failures are on a blame rage. What I see happening here is a group masking its deep seeded hate for western culture and the south in particular behind a wall of moral indignation. Dogmatic activists are using the weapon of yelling Nazi or hurling accusations of one ism or another to assault history and Science. Biology is now a matter of feelings and the cry-bully tactics have forced parents to allow boys in the girl’s room in their children’s schools.

A generation raised on Hollywood, have now turned the complexities of the American Civil War into a cartoonish narrative of good vs. evil fought to liberate slaves. Thus from that ignorant perspective any and all symbols of Southern culture despite over a century and a half of acceptance, must be and could only be symbols of racist and so they need to be destroyed of removed. Antifa have vandalized private property, prevented free speech, assaulted people, and advocate communism. The red in their flag is for communism. Any disagreement with them means you are a racist, fascist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigot. If you support Trump you are a Nazi, Russian spy who gropes women. CNN and mass media fake news add fuel to the fire.
No one wants to deal with the stigma of being accused of being a racist other than actual racists. Thus a very very small group of useful idiots preach white nationalism while wearing Klan hoods and waving Nazi flags. Of course the cameras focus on these fools. They also like to wave the banners of the confederate battle flag, the US flag, and the holy cross of Christianity. These people do not monopolize what these symbols mean or have meant for more than a century before they were born. But for an SJW or an Ethnic nationalist, everything is always about race. The Alt-Reich white nationalists losers who live action shit posted in Charlottesville, took a real issue about preserving a park and a statue of Robert E Lee, a Virginian who prevented cities like Charlottesville from being burned to the ground by an invading army, and made it about themselves.

Ironically they hold and preach the same views as Lincoln who Lee was fighting. Lincoln held that the white race and in his mind the superior race should not mix with inferior races. That white nationalist would parade around confederate flags, crosses, and American flags, does not make them the sole representatives of those symbols. The KKK is not the South just as ISIS is not the Muslims. A black street gang is not the blacks. A Zionist is not the Jews. A gunman is not all gun owners. An illegal is not the Mexicans. Attributing tragedies or accomplishments to biological categories needs to end.

Richard Spencer and David Duke do not speak for me. What has allowed the live action shit posters (LASP) to larp about and hijack the flag? The media has. Stories of race/sex are click bait. Even the dumbest and weakest person can pat themselves on the back for the simple act of not being racist, hardly a feat in the current year. Everytime there is a meth-head neonazi waving a confederate flag he gets a camera. It also shows they are as ignorant about History as they are about race. They do not speak for me. When the president pointed out this very simple nuance, the press, the same press that supported actually Nazis in Ukraine, acted like president Trump supported racist. All he did was pop the bubble of propaganda the press was deceptively painting of a clash between racist and antiracist. I support the preservation of Lee Park and all historical statues and the greater issue facing the whole country. Facts matter.