Iraq and Iran Policies are about Israel not oil.


The second invasion on Iraq in 2003 was based on a number of deceptions. They were accused of producing Weapons of Mass Destruction. Notably there were accusations of having :
1 Chemical weapons hidden under Saddam’s palaces, (William Safire NYT)
2 Biological weapons in mobile weapon labs inside trucks, which had anthrax. (Judith Miller, Lewis Libby, Colin Powell)
3 Nuclear weapon’s materiel purchased from Niger (Michael Ledeen, Condi Rice)
Then they were accused of meeting in Prague with and passing anthrax to Al Qaeda who was in turn accused of attacking the US with anthrax inside letters. (Israeli security, Fred Barns, Gary Schmitt)

1 So there weren’t any chemical weapons under Saddam’s palaces
2 There were no mobile trucks and Iraq didn’t have anthrax
3 Iraq Never bought yellow-cake uranium from Niger or the Congo.
4 There was no meeting with Al Qaeda thus its also impossible to transfer anthrax at a meeting that never took place especially as it turns out neither party had anthrax to give or take.

Without Israel lying about anthrax, Colin Powell does not go to the UN with a mock vile of anthrax and there is no Iraq war. The legal reason for the war was accusing Iraq of breaking UN resolution 1441 which said they could not produce Weapons of Mass Destruction that is weapons that kill indiscriminately. Other countries have and use them including the US but the US did not lose Gulf War one and the resolution only applied to Iraq.

Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech to the UN was the selling point for the war. They needed a multilateral attack because after all there were no weapons of mass destruction and they knew it. The more nations involved the less blame and consequences there are post war. Powell’s speech included cartoon depictions of Judith Miller’s fictional mobile weapons labs. An origin of these lies is crucial in understanding who led the US to war and why. And it was not big oil. It was the Office of Special Plans churning out the lies.

In fact, the lies were not even original. They were actually recycling older lies which the same group had tried to use going back into the 1990s, yet presenting them like they were all based on current evidence. All the policy papers are still there, the lies and the liars are also on record publicly in news papers, news shows, blogs, and think tank papers, peddling their nonsense about Iraq.

However Leftist gatekeepers ignore the architects of lies and instead blame big oil. It fits their anti corporate world view. It does not fit the evidence though. There are two reasons for this. One it is simple, easy to make into a slogan, and easy to understand. Two, it acts as a smokescreen for Israel. Why would the US waste trillions of dollars for Israel and get thousands of American’s killed and earn disdain from most of the world?

The same reason the US places sanction on Iran. It doesn’t benefit the US to not buy oil from Iran. It’s what Israel wants. And so with the US congress voting to give Israel even more money, with the senate voting 100 to 0, in the middle of a conflict where Israel was murdering thousands of civilians, killing children, bombing schools, hospitals, UN centers, ambulances, houses, and agricultural centers, it should be clear that AIPAC hold the US by the short hairs. Governments do whatever personally benefits their members, and they don’t care at all about the non-bribing populous.

The OSP created a war not BP or Exxon. Everyone screaming oil is consciously or not helping protect Israel.
The Niger forgeries debunk themselves as they were signed by a Foreign Minister who was no longer even in charge, AKA they were forged. This cannot be blamed on incompetence. You cannot accidentally forge a document you have to do it on purpose. Furthermore the CIA debunked the claim practically as soon as it was made but the Neocons decided to ignore that and just continue to say it anyway.

The anthrax was physically traced back go the US’s own labs. That’s why mid way through they blamed Bruce Ivins Because he was an insider and it had to be an insider. He had a suicide before going to trial and the case was dropped.

There were no WMD The press never cleared up any of that. The press never clearly admitted that there were no WMD, no Niger Uranium, and Al Qaeda didn’t have anthrax. They ignored all of it. Even after the fact they could not admit it.

The left blamed oil interests completely ignoring who created the lies that led to war and went with what fit with their anti corporate world view instead. Israeli security forced claimed they witnessed the transfer of anthrax at a meeting that never even took place. This is so huge. Remember how the notes in the anthrax letters read Death to America Death to Israel? Then the Israelis claim to have seen Iraqis giving anthrax to Atta in Prague. This wrongly attached Iraq to the attacks on 9/11. We know they lied. Where is the accountability? That’s not the only lie or cover up concerning Israel and 9/11. It takes hours to go over all of that.

But see we cannot reach that point. The topic of 9/11 has forever been made taboo by the likes of Alex Jones and the idiots he helps catapult by putting them on his show. And even within the 911-truth movement there are minimalist factions who do not want to talk about the pentagon, flight 93, Israeli spies etc etc because they believe that Building 7 is the most concrete aspect of 911 and so they would like to shut down the debate and reduce it to WTC7 was not hit by a plane, it fell too fast, and we want to raise money to get an independent investigation. It says nothing about the association of 911 to Iraq which is a war that resulted in over a million deaths, and it does nothing to say who did it if it was done and why.

It limits everything down to hair splitting minutia. They want an investigation but not by anyone who is not an authority. You see they know they are not going to get an investigation. And yet these same people have poisoned 911 truth with all their lies about everything else that now they don’t want to talk about. They use insincere agnosticism when asked about say the pentagon attack. But in safe circles they still peddle the disinformation about a missile strike. But they don’t want o be confronted on that issue because they’ll lose. The excuse is let’s not divide the “movement” well commanding uniformity is not an investigation, its just a fancy way of saying agree or shut up.

It is important to allow a discussion to move beyond Building 7. If you don’t want to then don’t but don’t shout others down who are capable of doing the work. It is absolutely vital that everyone understand how Iraq was wrongly associated to 9/11 in order to start a war. You don’t even have to solve the whole mystery on 9/11 to do that. The war in Iraq was by far the greater crime. Far more Americans and Iraqis killed, far more money spent, and there are still ongoing consequences