If Oswald acted alone there wouldn’t be 998,000 classified files


You really think this guy gets a job 40 days before the assassination, moving to Dallas from New Orleans and just happens to work in a high rise building right at the end of the motorcade rout that had an empty (meaning no people) room on the top floor?

You’d have to say one of 3 things. Either he was part of a plan, was extremely well handled, or was a super rare coincidence.

Think about it, a covert asset of ONI and CIA who could speak Russian and was certainly not lacking intelligence, moves to a new city to get a minimum wage job moving books. And then as testified by Roselli, he was shot so as to silence him.

Could he have just been lied to? Sure. Was he just some average Joe who shot  or was framed to have shot the president because of his communist ideology? No. Absolutely not. In fact it’s not even a fact that he was even a communist.

So obvious question is when was the motorcade rout made public?
Anyone can shoot someone, it’s not hard to have the mob hire gun and use plausible deniability. Its also not hard although it would be dumb, because if it failed Bobby is gonna figure it out in two seconds, to just recycle some already trained Cuban exiles. No one has accused the government of being smart though. 

What’s to gain though. LBJ still went forward with the civil rights, still didn’t try to do a Bay of Bigs part 2,  did not kill Fidel or attack Cuba, he kept oil depletion allowance rights, but you’d figure they’d try lobbying before murder. A couple things happened with LBJ.
1 project Vegas was pretty much left alone
2 he gave us the 1967 war
Israel was running the CIA’s counter intelligence already and then they had the presidency. That is who had in the words of Ruby, “So much to Gain” they also had everything to lose.

I am being broad on purpose, tonight i figured out my narration. From 5am to 8am it just all came into my head. First part of the film will address the common sand traps.  The media tries to make the focus on Oswald and then the conspiracy side claim is that well it couldn’t be him the shots are too difficult or too many. Just like 911 the want everyone to get sucked in to a deductive argument about the “physics” and they go on and on about the magic bullet just like Oliver Stone. Ita s go no where and easily debunked position.   Well I went to Dallas. That shot is super easy. I could hit that with a bow and arrow.  Even with JFK shot from the front which he was, it doesn’t mean it’s not Oswald. It could just mean it wasn’t only Oswald.

We know guys like J.A. Milteer admitted on tape foreknowledge of a scenario where the president would be shot with a high powered rifle from a building.  Milteer paid the Louisiana mafia 300k to kill Martin Luther King and even assisted JER with his get away car.  Why would a Klansmen help LBJ though who unlike JFK actually passed the Civil Right Act? The KKK didn’t do anything, he just knew about the plot from fellow racist Carlos Marcello.
I can’t wait to explain how I know and how that got set up and by whom, it all fits perfectly and it also rolls right into killing Booby on the 1st anniversary of the 6 day War and framing a Palestinian… Now who do you think would do that?