Hasbara on Syria has reached new levels of audacity


Hasbara on Syria has reached new levels of audacity
How can the so called anti-war get Syria so dead wrong?
by Ry Dawson

You have to stand in awe at the audacity of the US and UN even with its fictional narrative on Aleppo, trying to hold some type of moral high ground. These are the same bodies that starved 800 thousand children to death in Iraq with sanctions then invaded them anyway based on lies and killed a million more. These are the same countries supporting Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, and Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

On the other side you have Assad and Hezbollah who support Palestinian rights, oppose Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and did not participate in the invasion of Iraq or put sanctions on anyone. But they’re the “bad guys” they’re accused of crimes the US and its lapdogs are actually guilty of doing. America and its lackeys have starved countries, they have bombed civilians, they have used WMDs, and they have lied about all of it. We also now have the Russians siding with Assad once the Chechen terrorists who are also backed by the CIA joined with other mercenaries in Syria.

Yet we STILL have Sunni bigots who cant see past their religious team who repeat the Assad must go BS and all the propaganda that comes with that even after the US’s own DIA, and State Department and CIA have leaked out that the war in Syria was a plan all along and sectarian fighters including ISIS are being covertly supported by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It is truly amazing how dense and resistant to truth people like Dilwar Hussain can be, who oppose certain wars, but then completely cuck to US/UK propaganda when it comes to Syria. They ignore all of the context of how the war started and eat white helmets’ rhetoric with a spoon.

‘Dilly’ Hussain “debated” Eva Bartlett on RT and it was just him saying “all your sources are Russian propaganda, I have twitter.” I would love to ask him about Syria in a formal debate but we all know these goons never do it, they just talk over people and spew hasbara.

You know who is moderate? Assad. Assad had a coalition of minorities living under his rule for ten years with peace. Suddenly because of sniper fire and the US and Israel’s own now admitted plans to foster sectarian in-fighting in order to oust Assad to weaken the Israeli resistance axis of Iran Syria and Lebanon and support for Hezbollah there is war. It is that clear. And Israel has exclusively attacked Assad as have ISIS.