General Dempsey: US will use aggressive reaction we provoked from N. Korea to sell more war toys to S. Korea


General Dempsey: US will use aggressive reaction they provoked from North Korea to sell more war toy to South Korea dempsy

The top American general says we will tell the public that the United States will defend its close ally South Korea amid heightening tensions between the South and North Korea. They fall for it every year. First we enrage North Korea by staging a mock invasion of their country. This would agitate any country. of course on TV we never refer to North Korea as a country or having a government. They will always be call a regime, it just sounds more sinister. This year after an 80 thousand man invasion drill with all the latest expensive war toys was not enough, we had the South Korea set up giant speakers to broadcast propaganda. This is literally how nations talk shit. We’re very proud of our maturity. Once North Korea took the bait and destroyed a speaker, the South shot artillery into the North. Nothing was damaged but a good chunk of change was spent and a lot of ego masturbation commenced. I personally think we shold paint the artillery like long cocks. This way when we spend lot of money firing them, it’s like we nutted all over North Korea and then they nut on us back and then we nut on them some more soldier! And then and thenn eennn nnn ahhhh I feel better.

Anyway this is a golden opportunity for chicken hawks like me to pontificate on our mightiness. And it was a great day, I said a great day, for the pentagon to unload a lot of these useless aircraft that we’ve built jointly with our penis envy ally, Israel, such as the F35. The F35 doesn’t actually work in combat. It just cost a lot of money and doesn’t really do anything but act big. It’s pretty much a perfect mechanized symbol of government employees. South Korea will want to buy lot of big war toys from America. Their public doesn’t no how badly they preform because they are not actually going to use them.

After the purchased we can hype up the Sankaku Island disputes for a couple weeks and then turn to Japan and say are you going to let Korea the nation you conquered surpass you in military hardware? Of course then we can sell just as many military planes to Japan. Okinawa will protest about how dangerous they are since they do crash form time to time. But The Japanese government is in Tokyo not Okinawa, and Tokyo is a lot more populated than Okinawa. So they can and will simply continue to ignore their protests. Naturally for agreeing to this the US will give favors to the LDP.

What if North Korea attacks?

They wont. Kim is our boy. If he wanted to make a speech and put it on the internet he could. If he wanted a debate or wanted to talk trade allowances he could call for one online and turn around and say we ignored him and the whole world could see it. But he doesn’t do this. He likes his power. To stay in power he has to periodically give the US the finger but not actually fight, and definitely not ask for dialog. There is no reason to invade as they are no threat to Israel.

We don’t like their system of government, so we refuse to trade with them even if their people suffer and starve because of it. If we traded with them and the state didn’t fail, then others might get ideas and start calling to change our own government. Even worse, if people were not dependent on their government for food, they might rise up on their own and end the dictatorship. We need enemies. That’s how the MIC makes it money.

Written by Cho Kwon
ANC reporter