The Final Solution, words Hitler borrowed from an American


Who first used the phrase “the final solution” in reference to exterminating a race of people?
The answer is on page 116 of the book linked below. Buy using that link you are also helping this site benefit form the amazon affiliate program. People always ask what books they should read to learn more about the Civil War that is not the story book version crammed down their throat in grade school. There are a lot of great books. But after much thinking, I decided that this is the best book to start with to understand the real causes of the Civil War.

The first Geneva convention wasn’t a response to Nazis. It was a response to the Americans. 1863 the entire civilized world was shocked and codified rules of war that had been up to this point followed for centuries. The world was horrified at the Union armies for attacking civilians, burning property, raping, looting, and even targeting children in the American Civil War. The same barbarity by the same Northern generals was brought to the American Indians after the Civil War had concluded.

If you want to know more about Abe Lincoln my choice starter book it this

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