Ending US role in Yemen War


We got a bill written up with 4 cosponsors!  Full text is here http://www.ancreport.com/report/bill-end-us-involvement-war-yemen/
You might have heard me allude to it in the last podcast.

Guys HR 81 isn’t just going to stop the support for the war in Yemen. It’s bigger than that. It makes it again so only congress can authorize war. That is supposed to be how it is anyway. But bad interpretations of the ware powers act have made it otherwise. Update, I have gotten hold of Walter Jones’s legislative assistant. I’m setting up a meeting and hope to go Lobby. All I will need is light money some ubering and hotels, hopefully I can find couches to crash on around DC. Look we got the 28 pages released. We can end the onslaught on Yemen. There is really very little resistance to this.

Donations are great but instead of just upping donations I hope you will all purchase the upcoming film “Syria: The invisible Israeli Hand” to enjoy as a way of donating extra. Half that is going to Andrew Illingworth who narrates it and worked on the production side of it, which is my weakest point in film making and what I hate the most too. I’m a content and research guy. We hope to be putting out a film every month! And podcasts two or three times a month. That’s on top of the ones I put out anyway.

ANC is becoming a viable business. This was the goal all along. Now secondly, if anyone is going to be in the DC area in late Feb or early March, and you want to lobby together or you just want to shoot the shit or protest outside, I would be delighted to meet more of you in person.