Ending Big Money in Politics


1 The free-market is not positioned to be a “utopia” it’s just a realistic system with less injustice than regulatory capture, mercantilism, and or theocracy communism etc. the more free your markets are the more economic mobility people have.

2 The problem isn’t that a state exist, the problem is we need a separation of business and state. If the government can’t award it’s corporate partners contracts then there is no purpose in bribing.

The question is how can we elect people who would stop intervening in the market place if we don’t first stop large donors from, purchasing congressmen by financing their campaigns.

It will have to start from the ground up. It’s not going to start with the presidency. Local and state governments have to change first. To do that we have the break the mass media monopoly which is what I’m trying to do. A good mayor or governor can lead by example. Success is going to change more minds than argumentation.

If you make large donations illegal it will just go underground. It’s better to see the bribes openly. If the media was functional, people would see who is buying and who is selling themselves into the pay to play system and vote them out.

3 Chip away at it.

Instead of looking for a one and done solution we have to be practical here and acknowledge that the most realistic path to changing government is to keep chipping away at it one hundred different ways and erode its power.

This is happening through state referendums. You saw how several states have legalized marijuana. And before the court decision, several states also legalized homosexual marriages. Maine adopted clean ejection laws which does remove super donations. State rights are a way to remove power away from the federal government. But ultimately we need a culture shift in the way people trust media and engage in politics. Too many people passively accept the state propaganda and have a defeatist attitude. I am working first at ending these unpopular and useless wars.

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