Boeing hiding its 737 Max Problems and lying to the FAA


Boeing hiding its 737 Max Problems and lying to the FAA

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They discover flaws in 2017 and lie to the FAA. They don’t fess up until AFTER 346 are killed in two crashes only give months apart in 2018. They delay fixing the problems until 2020.

“The Committee held its first hearing on the status of the 737 MAX as part of its investigation into the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents that claimed the lives of 346 people three weeks ago. Boeing has acknowledged that it first learned of the defective AOA Disagree alert in 2017 soon after it began delivery of the 737 MAX aircraft. However, Boeing did not inform the FAA about the defect until after the October 2018 Lion Air tragedy, more than one year later.”

“The Chairs noted in their letters that the Committee obtained information suggesting that Boeing decided in November 2017 to defer a software update to correct the AOA Disagree alert defect until 2020, three years after discovering the flaw, and only accelerated its timeline after the October 2018 Lion Air accident.”

They KNEW and did nothing.

“Boeing’s chief technical pilot on the 737 Max project told another employee in 2016 that there were “egregious” problems with the jet’s automated anti-stall system, two years before the first of two fatal crashes attributed to the system”

The 737 Max was grounded last year. NYT reported on this as well.

“Boeing is hoping its 737 Max jetliner will win approval to return to the skies by the end of the year, after it was grounded following two crashes. But don’t expect to fly in one just yet. Entire plane types have been ordered out of service before – the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1979 and Boeing 787 in 2013, for example – but usually only for mechanical or maintenance reasons. “

So when I see a video and accusation about an Iranian missile. I really have to doubt it. Not only does Newsweek and the MSM always lie, so does Boeing. Now, the airplane that crashed/shot down in Iran was a Boeing 737-800NG. Not the 737 Max.  Still we have a History of Boeing lying about the safety of their aircraft and waiting until after they are forced to do so to ground their plane and address the issue and it s the same family of planes.

Why would surface to air missiles radar overlap a commercial airport. This story makes no sense. Even if it was an accidental shoot down Boeing is already guilty of lying and covering up problems that killed hundreds of people.

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