YouTube Israeled all of my vidoes on both accounts


I had a feeling that something was about to go down. This is why a couple weeks ago I started making a new channel. YouTube simply deleted my account. I wrote to them.

 I have been making videos for 12 years. Some were of my son growing up. Suddenly in a span of two days I had two videos flagged both of them were several years old. One was defending the victims’ families of Sandy Hook. The other I could not even view because you already erased 12 years of my life while I was on a plane. From the title I can guess it was just a video about 911, of which there are many videos on YouTube. Someone is simply on a witch hunt. When I put Rys2sense into YouTube ironically the only videos that show up are the people bullying me and lying about me which actually does violate YouTube policies and yet all of them remain up. I was not given a result for the requested review of my second strike either. I was on a business trip and had no chance to migrate or preserve my videos. I need my account reinstated. If anything to just download my own work. There was absolutely noting wrong with them. That was my livelihood. My first strike was also due to expire March 20.

I know some of you are sad or angry or both that all my videos were Israeled.
If you didn’t hear already, while I was on a plane going from the DC conference to LA after being jerked around by American Airlines, YouTube Israeled my channel and removed all my videos. They also removed every comment I ever made on any other video. Possibly my IP is locked out of making a new account and they removed my Adsense. That was 12 years of my life’s work they just destroyed which also included videos of my son growing up which were set to private. Some of the people I interviewed are now disceased. This includes my interviews with Will Grigg, Maidhc OCathail, and sadly my 3hrs JFK interview with Michael Piper.
I do hope someone copied those.
I know you ask why not back up every video. I had videos as far back as 2006. It would have been probably 20 terabyte of data. It simply wasn’t possible. Most things on my old computer from 2016 and before are gone.  However I did try to save the most important things since the transition in case of an event like this. But a lot of great work has been lost. The good news is that I can say the following were saved. A good chunk of the woodsheds were already on Vimeo on demand. Probably 90%. Also maybe 24hrs before getting erased I used Skype to contact people on my Facebook who went and downloaded my larger films like War by Deception as well as Decades of Deception and War. Ciara put copies on Facebook on my wall. See I’m in Facebook jail too. The videos on my new channel were saved because I had downloaded them to upload them. By the way the new channel was also erased because it shared my account. They force activation with a cell phone in Japan and only had one. The Sydney lecture was saved and all the space kook episodes.
They locked out my gmail, my YouTube and Facebook and so I could not do a presentation in LA. There was no way of creating an announcement video or even receiving email from people. I did meet with a few of them who I had on Skype.  The airline also screwed the pooch on my flight which made me miss a day and I only ever had two. Really all of that pales in comparison to losing my YouTube.
Look starting over is not so bad. Yes I lost tens of thousands of subscribers. But YouTube usually didn’t send out alerts when I made a video anyway, they basically never monetized them and the hand break was used to prevent them from showing up in feeds. We often had more thumbs up than views. There was just 13 days left to remove my first strike. The second strike I got while I was in DC. It was from a video I made 6 or 7 years ago which said Sandy Hook was real. I made an appeal because I figured they just saw the title and assumed I was saying the opposite just because I cover conspiracies.  You all know that I’ve never denied a mass shooting. My stance has always focused on mental health and psychotropics. The third Strike was never explained. And the appeal of the second strike was never formally rejected either. They just yanked everything. This goes against YouTube’s own agreement 11.4
I can get subscribers again, with the help of Mike Rivero. I will also reach out to Scott Horton and James Corbett, TKelly and other large and small podcast that I’ve been on. I know Adam Green already made a video about me being deleted and I thank him for that. By the way everyone is welcome to re upload this video.
What we need most and what was lost the most are all the old videos. I don’t care about the view counts or likes and never did. It does suck that videos which made predictions and were time stamped are now gone. You can still take screen shots of the thumbnails or use way back when machine. I am creating a contact page via twitter, if you have old videos upload them and send me the links. I will download them and re upload them to Vimeo. I would also tag the video with Ry Dawson Returns. I want as many copies out there on YouTube as possible. Give them a head ache. It’s funny all my videos were deleted for nothing but when you do a search for Rys2sense all the videos that were talking trash and slandering me which ironically do break YouTube’s policies, are still up. Feel free to flag them.
Ok other calls to action.
1 Supporters Campaign to return my old channel. If it cannot be restored then YouTube broke its own agreement for a review process. In addition no information was given for what the third strike even was. Unlike others mine was not right wing nor was it a mass shooting denier etc. here is the number to call to return Rys2sense
2 YouTube should not be partnered with the ADL and SPLC two known Zionist outfits that support a belligerent ethno-state. There was no reason to erase my channel.
3 If you ever saved videos then I am setting up a way to transfer them to me so that I may upload them to Vimeo. Let’s retrieve as many as we can.
4 when you see Zionist propaganda flag it. YouTube seems to run on auto pilots where if enough people flag something they just lock it down.
5 I know it’s time consuming but add the Vimeo channels. Add VK.
I need time but I’m looking into steemit. Ben Swan is there so I’ll join him on that. Also bitchute. right now Bitchute can do long videos though. I blame a lot of this on Psyop-Jones. Him saying school shootings are fake is why people supported removing YouTubers. Then the SPLC just used this opportunity to falsely associate whoever they didn’t like to shooter denial and then erase them. Meanwhile actual deniers are still up and running.
I have not decided if I should create a new YouTube channel again or not. Part of me says walk away from them. Part of me thinks that’s what they want me to do. I think by boiling the frogs too fast youtube could go the way of MySpace. It’s becoming an idiot’s playground. There are only room for leftist, that or extreme right wingers since right wing extremists are also helping the left. Paleocons and Libertarians are pushed out. The first time I was erased was in 2008. At that time Vimeo was not yet a viable alternative. But now it is. For the time being bookmark my patreon URL. It doesn’t cost anything. I need time and advice before making my next moves and collecting copies of my deleted work will also take time. Also the DC conference videos are posted there and on if you sign up on patreon for even a dollar a month that will get you real updates to new videos and it also finances larger movies. I could really use that right now.
By the way the answer to my final video’s question was male 91% to female 9%
The closest guess that I saw said 91.1 by a user named Pletchmeister
You get flack when you’re over the target. I suspect that YouTube used this opportunity it had to go after people harassing school shooting victims families as a means to just lump in whoever else they didn’t like and shut them down too. This is why I support free speech for even the distasteful because it’s a slippery slope. They go after one group and then they scale up and go after another. Do I support racist hate speech, no I do not. But if asked I have to say I support the right to say it because I don’t agree that everything being labeled as such speech actually is that type of speech.  And once you allow one exception then the authoritarians have a method to remove whatever they want. That said, flag Zionist videos. Because they won’t be taken down anyway. Censorship is only in one direction. But it will prove it.