Vimeo admits they erased my account because criticizing Israel is anti-semitic



They basically agree in writing that I did not defame anyone and I did not advocate violence either, simply they decided criticism of israel is anti-semitic. So I did not violate their guideline. They just didn’t like what I was saying about a state.


My reply
1 You sent the same broken csv file twice.

2 You admit none of my video advocate violence. Defamation or harassment. Which is what the guideline actually is.

3 You admit that to you criticizing Israel (which is a State) is the same thing in your eyes as attacking Jews (which is an ethnic group.) That must be hard to square with the Jewish guests I have on doing the same thing as well as my Jewish cohost.
4 You are NOT refunding people who paid for products in September because it was more than 30 days ago. I know because they give me feedback. Yet to kept all the proceeds for that month for yourselves which is theft.
5 No where have I made derogatory comments about “the Jews”. I specifically tell people off constantly who conflate Zionism (a poltical ideology) with Jewishness (ethnic/religious category). I also do not believe and never have believed Jews to be a race, it’s an identity. I’m not a fan of identity politics.
 I have been just as hard on other forms of religious fanaticism such as Wahhabi Islam Al Qaeda. We created an entire series on Syria about that and no that is not “the Muslims”. I have also been just as hard on other right wing ideologies and governments as I have the Mossad. One of the VOD videos was a Timeline from 1950-2000 detailing all the deceptive murdering practices of the CIA. And no that’s not “the Americans”.
Your issue, Vimeo’s issue is based on your own ignorance. Israel is not “the Jews” I think one of the videos you erased is even titled that. Picking on racist Jews is not picking on “the Jews” just as critisizing nazis is not the same as critisizing “the whites.” Most second graders understands the difference between a category and a subset of thst category. I don’t know how i could dumb it down further.
Here some videos in made for people like Marty that still exist on YouTube and we’re all made pre-Vimeo wounded knee.
1 year ago Anti-Zionist vs Anti-jews httpss://
1 month ago Again Israel is Not “the Jews” don’t be a basic bitch httpss://
5 years ago blame the Jews not the Zionist crowd taken to the woodshed httpss://
9 years ago Israel vs the Jews learn the difference
You can see this has been a theme for about 10 years that I can prove with what’s on YouTube. Most of it isn’t because I moved things to Vimeo thinking that it was a better platform. I’m also in the trenches on other channels arguing with white nationalist types and defending jews as a people all the time. I do this because I know some low IQ people can not hear criticism of Israel without blaming the Jews in general.  Not that you care or have capacity for nuance. You just stole thousands of dollar from my family because muh snowflake.
6 what part of coming to New York is a threat???? Are you that jumpy, seriously? It’s like you know did something wrong or something.
I asked that to stress how I’m not getting any answers online. You guys just said i violated this guideline and the guidelines lists violence, defamation and basically hate speech is what it is. I don’t do any of that so I asked for examples. I finally got three examples stretching as far back as 2013. And in none of these was i doing what I am accused accused of doing. Where Is the example? Where do I even use sweeping terms like the Jews???? I don’t.
All my fans know that too. I very recently started using terms like being small pox blanketed (I’m native myself) or ovened or jailed to mean utterly destroyed digitally. It’s common internet slag now used as push back against unwarranted censorship. My cohost and I often use Jewish and native America terms when our work is attacked sarcastically because of our ethnicities. I’m not the only guy. Y’all have a huge problem telling the difference between Palestinian activists and antisemites. That is where that language comes from. Now days the wrong gender pronoun can get kids expelled. Adpocolypse is another one. End times slang is normal because censorship and overactive stupidity is normal.
I never got a working csv. I got only an explanation of an accusation yet no evidence or examples to back up the accusation. It’s something you ought to do after a six year relationship and taking away a person’s livelihood and money and pissing off all his fans. You did not pay me for two months yet only refunded 1 month to customers and only if they bothered you about it. Either refund them all for September or pay me so that I can do it. And fix your csv system for future customers who hurt your feels.
Sincerely, Vimeo you have no soul and steal people’s money and property.