Sut Jhally will not be coming to LA (his letter to me)


From Sutt Jhally

“I’m writing to let you know I won’t be attending the screening. I had no idea when I agreed to attend the screening (and when I did the interview with you a while back) that you promote fear-mongering films and ideas that trade in blatant anti-Semitism and irrational conspiracy theories.

Among other examples, I’m referring specifically to this reprehensible film you’re promoting on your site ……/the-majdanek-gas-chamber-myth/

And this equally reprehensibly uncritical interview you conducted with deranged Holocaust denier Eric Hunt …


Your attack on our friend Max Blumenthal, one of the bravest most morally principled people I know, and subsequent defense of white southern pro-confederacy groups is also very disturbing and I don’t want to be associated with it in any way.

If you found anything in our film that you feel supports or legitimizes sick, paranoid ideas like these, you should watch the film again. The ideas you’re promoting are the polar opposite of everything this film is trying to get at and everything I and the people who made it stand for.

We’re about shining a light on injustice and racist violence across the board, not selectively minimizing or denying it in special cases.

So I won’t be attending.


Sut Jhally.

And my reply

I am really shocked. You’re wrong about me and your accusations are incorrect. I’m certainly not anti Semitic nor do I push wild conspiracies. I do tell history from the point of view of the losing side. It does not make me agree with the losing sides. There are anti Zionist who are actually anti Semitic, there are always wolves in Sheep’s clothing. I am not one of those. All of my work has always been on my site as is my biography. I have not censored and hidden anything. You can look at all my guests on different topics. None of these people are hateful or promoting “the Illuminati runs the world” or anything like that. Its been consistently anti-war, in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in Ukraine, in Afghanistan, and yes even WWII and the Civil War the two “good wars” that I do not think were so good. No war is good.

First the confederacy httpss:// please tell me what is so offensive about that? A quarter million Southerners died in that war and whole cities were burned to the ground. The main reason people fought was to defend their own property, not slaves or tariffs or taxes. You’ll never hear me defend barbaric practices. That war was coming long before 1860 and secession movements started after the Mexican War. Also Lincoln personally wrote to governors after the Corwin amendment which the North introduced and passed which constitutionally protected the institution of slavery. All the southern states had to do was stay in the union and ratify it. They seceded anyway, because that was never the primary reason for secession. It was tariffs, and that’s how the war started by SC firing on Fort Sumpter, where the export taxes were physically collected. That is a fact. It was also after Lincoln put a naval blockade on three of his own states to collect taxes. That’s why North Carolina seceded. Without NC, Virginia would have been surrounded and the war over in a few months, if it even began. Lincoln had also made mass arrests in Maryland with no due process, including judges he didn’t like and the army fired on and killed civilians Baltimore. It’s in their state song. Maryland my Maryland.

Secondly the flag

Below is the symbol for the Mississippi Freedom Party which was endorsed by Martin Luther King. The flag was a symbol of THE SOUTH not The racist south. Black homes were burned by Northern armies too… I hope this is not the first time you have heard or thought about this. The flag started becoming so racist around 1990 when Mtv and HBO made it so. I grew up with the flag in every form of culture from TV shows like Dukes of Hazards to Kid Rock concerts, to high school mascots. It was never a racist symbol. It’s the battle flag of Virginia and honors the dead. Yeah the Klan, which is like what a hundred people max, waves it around, they wave the American flag around too so what? That’s like saying BLM supports killing police because some extremist calling himself BLM shot some police. I defended the south after that idiot in SC shot people and I defended Black Lives Matter too after the same kind of incident.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG


This clear cut good vs evil reason for the civil war is what is a crass and conspiracy theory. It’s childishly ignorant of the complexities of the war. Calling the South racist (any more than the North) is on the same level of ignorance as thinking everyone in Japan does Karate. It’s a horrible stereotype that is not ground in reality in 2016. The South is the most racially integrated area on the US. Of course they have racial conflicts, that’s where most Blacks, Latinos, etc live. The South also had to restart in education and economically post Civil war because their major cities centers had been burned and looted. It really set things back for the people who lived there the overwhelming majority of which had nothing to do with the war. The reason for adding the stars and bars to state flags was not the civil right movement it was the centennial of the civil war. People of SC changed their flag and that is fine because it is their flag. It’s not up to people who do not live there.

The US did not enter WWII to save the Jews. They didn’t care about any particular ethnic minorities. They had their own economic interest. They had their own post war propaganda too. Yes even America lies. The death toll done by the Axis has been played up and the death toll by the allies has been played down. There is no way in a city of 380k that Hiroshima’s instantaneous bombing killed only 100k people. The post war starvation in all the losing countries is also glossed over. The only thing separating Allied crimes from Axis crimes is the Holocaust. Otherwise its just like WWI a pointless war of imperialist fighting each other by sacrificing their poor. Both my grandparents were in that war one killing Nazis one killing Japanese. The one sent to Germany was also in the Korea War. His father was in WWI and his grand father was in the Civil War. He helped invent the submarine. And his ancestors were in the Revolutionary War. Betty Washington married into our family. A Dawson was chancellor of W&M when Thomas Jefferson went to school there. My mother’s dide was opposite all American Indians and a few pirates. I remember asking my surviving grandfather about WWII and Korea. I thought he was a hero. He said, “no, Ry by the time I was in Germany they were just starving. They used to send little girls to the kitchen begging for food, after the war.” Did you give them any?” No,” he hung his head. How about Korea? Weren’t use in a tank? Yes we had three tanks, but listen to me and don’t forget this. “There was no point or purpose of that war.” That’s all he would say about it. And later I found out he had pulled dead North Koreans out from where they had shelled them and looking at them and how young they were he just cursed the whole situation. My Native grandfather I never met but he was island hopping and burned Japanese to death with a flame thrower. He was shot through the leg but lived. Ironically I married a Japanese woman and had a child. I feel like I gave one life back.

Please don’t confuse Eric Hunt with Kyle Hunt. Kyle Hunt is racist white nationalist trash. Eric is a school teacher and historical revisionist. Yes he gets trashed on the internet again so what everyone does who talks about politics. He doesn’t deny the Holocaust. He just doesn’t think it was six million. No one studying it actually does. That ought to be good news. I am happy believe less people died and many of them made it out. Raul Hilberg placed the number at 5.5m people and that’s the highest it ever was. I had a different revisionist on right after, Dave Stein, saying Majdanek probably did have gas chambers and that though the gas disguised as showers was a war time myth that’s not a reason to dismiss gas chambers and that that spot had previously had them but they were destroyed. We have witnesses and confessions from these other camps. No one sane would deny it. We also had false claims about the western camps like Dachau which did not have gassing saying they did then later admitting they did not. It did have thousands of people worked to death and shot. They were also marched to the Tegernsee camp and killed over there. It’s important to point these things out and explain them because naysayers will point to evidence of labor camps which did exist and then say ah ha they were all like that. They were not. I’m the guy actually engaging these people instead of screaming racist and dropping the mic and walking away. That simply doesn’t work. I got Eric to admit on record millions were killed. I met Marc Gould who befriended Nazis and turned on them and put them in jail. He spoke at the Knesset and has one of the only two 100% voted they ever made which was to convict SS Lieutenant Colonel Bernhard who Marc had befriend. The press completely turned on him and attacked him because he released info about the Holocaust that Frank had records of showing names of people who had died with kill orders and stamps. It wasn’t the number they wanted and so he has been attacked. Now I know this guy. He’s Jewish and very proud of it, he has three daughters. I’ve met them. He doesn’t have a ill bone in his body. but google his name and look at what has been said about him. No one will defend these people, because it is easier to throw them under the bus and not get associated with it. I interviewed David Cole too who had the shit beat out of him by the JDL on Thanksgiving when he was walking home form the grocery store. He’s also Jewish. I have been to his home and seen his dying mother who was about 90lbs sleeping in the kitchen. He takes care of her. He and Hunt do not get along but both at some point in their life have reduced the numbers killed in the Holocaust and for that lost everything. It isn’t right. Even if both were wrong it’s not right.

I have a great number of videos defending Jewish people on my channels from the insane collectivism they must put up with. I have to make these from time to time because if you defend Palestine it must be because you hate jews.
httpss:// Israel vs Jews Learn the difference. And boycott Israel

httpss:// Blame the Jews not a Zionist crowd taken to the woodshed

httpss:// Me defending and attack from Adam Holland
That guy smeared me and the SPLC and ADL picked up his report and attacked me too. Shockingly the ADL removed it after I wrote to them so did the SPLC but later they put it back.

It’s also important to ask why one genocide towers above others the Congo, Bengal, Native Americans (which is my people) Vietnamese, Koreans, Iraqis etc. the US has killed millions post WWII. The reason they dont get the same weight is because WWIIs rescue story, though true, is the excuse for every war after it. And the more it is reduced the less of a weapon it is. I am standing up for justice. I do it in more unsafe circles. If you let people get away with saying human soap and skin lampshades or gas out of showers, then a large portion of people are going to reject the whole thing as false.

It’s no different than saying Bush did 911. It is a ridiculous statement. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any state sponsorship of the event or that it was not wrongly tied to Iraq because in both cased it was. I call it the shield of ridiculousness. You say something way out in left field and dismiss it with the only alternative being the official narrative, in order to hide the official narrative from more legit questions and opposing evidence. If you dont take the shield of ridiculousness away you can’t uncover crimes. Its like saying Hamas wants to push the Jews into the sea. Iran’s leader said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map, and babies on incubators. These are myths that broke or are breaking others are myths than did not. Sure I can be wrong about what I think is a myth and what isn’t but that’s the point of open dialog and discussion. I don’t shut anyone off no matter how black the sheep is. I even invited David Duke on so I could argue with him about racial determinism and show how stupid it is, he got wind of what I was going to do and backed out. He goes on news shows all the time and they dont call him out on WHY he is so wrong they just say he is and call him names. I would have picked his idiot philosophy apart.

I like Max. I met him twice. Not a big fan of his father, but I like Max. His film about African migrants is also on my site.
You might like my own film about Neocolonialism in Africa httpss://
Max’s views about the Civil War however are based on prejudice and poor public school education. A liberal so wants to believe racism is behind everything bad that they accept that as an answer and stop looking at anything else. You made an anti southern comment on my show when I was interviewing you. I’m pretty certain you’ve never lived there. People from the south change their accent on purpose because there is so much acceptable prejudice toward it. They have to or they can’t get hired in some places. Hollywood constantly trashes the south and southern culture. People are made to feel ashamed just because of the chance location of their birth. Have you ever thought about how people from the south feel when you made anti-southern comments as if they are just matter of fact trivia?

I’m going to suffer greatly financially by you not coming. So I’m going to have to read your email over YouTube and defend my poisons. Everyone knows I’m not anti Semitic or racist. It just going to make you look like a typical reactionary Liberal professor. Being surrounded by students who are easy to boss isn’t healthy. it makes your head big. I understand though that you are a teacher and the cowardly thing to do is to protect yourself from being associated with people accused of nasty things instead of standing up for that person. I have never ever ever been racist or defended racist practices.

It’s really arrogant that you’d think I’d learn anything from your film that I didn’t already know. It’s a great film but don’t talk down to me. I started the BDS movement in 2001. We just didn’t call it BDS. No credit for that though. And I worked with the Presbyterian church on divesting the whole time. Look it up it predates 2005. We had the PSM at Duke back then and I worked with Diana Buttu. I have always stood up for the bullied even when it is the hardest like the Germans and Japanese, the South, the Communists, and no I am not a communist, even ISIS I understand it. Make no mistake I want them gone, but I still can understand why a young man after witnessing nothing but war and starvation would flock to the leader on the hill.


I’ve been advocating Palestine rights openly my whole life back when you were too afraid to do it. You do not have to come screen your own movie over a difference in historical opinion if you don’t want. But don’t call me anti Semitic or a wild conspiracy theorist. Also I’m not pro confederacy. I very much like the US having all 50 states. Pointing out the real causes (plural) for the Civil War doesn’t mean I agree with the civil war on either side. The north also had slaves and killed Indians and later enslaved the Chinese. The 1860s were a very racist and sexist society all around the world. So was the 1940s.

I don’t dismiss great people over one thing like say Thomas Jefferson because he had slaves or Socrates because he had sex with boys or Einstein because he has sex with his cousin. I just point out the good and the bad. Most of us maybe all of us are gray onions not black or white. Most of History is too. The “bad guys” also had their reasons and beliefs. Even Zionist have their reasons. I don’t agree with them but I try to understand them. I’d hope you’d understand my position as a journalist for letting all people speak in free speech especially those with the least popular or even jail-able opinions. I Equally no, much more seek out opinion I agree with and give them the platform. The guess who spoke before you was a Republican state senator from Virginia (Richard Black) couldn’t be any more different on 99% of things. But he disagreed with the war in Syria and saw that the US was fostering terrorist groups covertly. He might have gotten mad that I had you on talking about Palestine. In fact, a lot of people would be. I do it anyway. If I wanted money or a bigger audience I would be a partisan hack and stick to safe issues. That is how I am, I let everyone speak and I let them get challenged too and you’re more than welcome to voice your opinion about the Civil War or WWII.