Just heard an amazing story about the civil war.


My grand mother just had lunch with me. We were talking about the Robert E Lee statue. She is against removing it. Her grand dad fought for the North at first and changed sides after Sherman was burning cities and raping women.

Anyway down in Cape Hatteras, he had a black friend who he helped escape slavery. He gave him his skiff which the man paddled across all the way across the Pamlico Sound to escape his master.

Many years later about when my grand mother was going to Raleigh on a trip with her mother they stopped to buy grapes from a black man on the road side. He must have been a hundred she said. They were talking and he asked where they were from. She told him Buxton on Cape Hatteras island. And he started crying. He told them a story of how he had been given a skiff from there by a white friend of his, to escape across the Sound. He said her father’s name too. When she told him that that man was her father, he couldn’t stop crying.

He tried to give her free grapes. But she refused. She ended up paying him about three times the price instead.

Her grandmother got $20 war bonus for fighting for the North even though he had changed sides after Sherman’s march.

Now I know the man’s first name but I want to try to contact his family if he has one. So i will have my grand mother retell the story on my YouTube and see if anyone comes forward. I think it would be amazing to have a reunion with his descendants.