Syria shoots down Israeli F-16 in Israeli Airspace


Syria shoots down Israeli F-16 in Israeli Airspace

Israel has carried out hundreds of attacks on Syria, normally firing from Israeli or Lebanese airspace into Syria and at times penetrating into Syria to do airstrikes such as in March of 2017. Israel attacked the Syrian army in Golan as recently as January this year and three days ago again attacked Damascus with missile fire.

“Having carried out over 100 attacks on Syria since 2011, Israel takes its control over its neighbors’ airspace for granted. That ended today with the downing of one of its F-16s by Syrian air defenses”-Max Blumenthal

Saturday Feb 10, Israel targeted what they claim is an Iranian control base in Syria, after this location set a drone in motion. The drone was bait as the Israeli eagerly go after soft targets to shoot down usually without resistance. Moments after the Israeli F-16 fighter jet took of it was hit by Syria’s Russian made S300 defense system and blown out of the sky. It is confirmed that at least  one pilot ejected parachuted  to safety.  Israel claims both pilots escaped.

In retaliation Israel sent out a predator drone and that was also shot down. An Israeli combat helicopter eventually intercepted the “Iranian UAV” however not before Israel had already lost one of its own drones and an F16. Israel then launched an missile attack on the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard 104th Brigade base.

The Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the western countryside of Damascus, targeting the Al-Kiswah area near the Iranian base. According to a local journalist in Damascus, the Israeli missiles managed to score some direct hits, while others were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense.


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