Silencing critics through crybullying


How activists silence critics through crybullying.

Profiteers and Cultural Marxist wear a do-gooder mask like, the environment, health, or education. After all who is anti-health or anti-education? Those profiteering and the Social Justice Warriors championing their causes are not the same group. There are many useful rubes who can be whipped up into a frenzy to support policies that ultimately lead to labor exploitation, unemployment, downtrodden cities, and erosion of the first amendment. The same thing happens with immigration, it masks itself as a fight against xenophobia or racism. Affirmative action, welfare, gender pay, are promoted as fighting racism, classism, and sexism. Facts don’t matter. The crybully tactic, to avoid criticism or even discussion, is to accuse the opposition loudly and collectively of horrible prejudices. If they can find some loon who actually is the Nazi-monster they portray to throw a camera on then all the better. Discussion is shut down for ordinary people because no one wants the stigma associated with the isms crybullies obsessively chant. Likewise people guilty over their own, or previous prejudiced beliefs that they had to work through, will be attracted to witch hunting as it relieves a sense of guilt and publicly signals that they are no longer that way.


People not deep in politics rally with great indignation in support of the mask without looking behind it. After all isms are very bad things. And we are all for better education, health, environment, and things like equality and fairness. The problem is one cannot vaguely just be for a result such as good X. One has to know the methods and policies to achieve good X. This part is skipped, the leftist ideology wraps itself up in the aims and desired result and cries prejudice to anyone who doesn’t agree with their methods.

There is nothing wrong or intrinsically xenophobic about opposing illegal immigration especially when there is a perfectly legal way to immigrate.
Affirmative action is itself racist, and in being so, actually sustains a racist reaction towards it as it forces people to have merit within their category and not across the board. That is discrimination. Plus it undermines and second guesses minorities who would have succeeded without it. If you lower the standards for certain biological categories then the result is their credentials will also be seen as having a lower standard. Employers are not blind, they will know the favoritism granted to favored classes. Creating a favored class out of fear of a favored class is not a well thought out solution.
Sowell on how affirmative action hurts minorities

Welfare doesn’t work. The programs have been around 30 years and it does as Austrian economist predicted. Most of the money feeds an administration. Failure is subsidized and that goes for both the poor and the rich. Corporate welfare is theft on a larger scale. From top to bottom it’s creates moral hazard.
Thomas Sowell breaks down Welfare’s results
There is no gender pay gap. Men earn more on average because they work in professional fields more on average and they work more in total on average. People who work more are supposed to earn more. Doctors earn more than nurses.
Pay Gap Myth

The NBA makes more than the WNBA because there is a greater demand for their product from the public. It’s not sexist to not have equal outcomes when there isn’t equal effort.
Ronda Rousey shuts down unequal myth

The extreme left is not interested in hearing disagreement, they want a safe space. The hypocrisy is thick because they provide anything but a safe space for opposition. They censor, protest and sloganeer over top of people on top of labeling them Nazis. All of it is ramping up towards normalizing violence. It’s OK to break windows, assault people, and set things on fire so long as the temper tantrum is couched behind fighting an ism, including fascism. The funny thing is, the antifa movement is itself fascist by both its physical assaults on property and people as well as its assaults of history, Culture, and Science. Yes even science get cry bullied now. In biology a gender is determined by genes not by feelings or tastes.
Bill Nye Woodshed 2

Sitting in the shadows are the profiteers. Some big businesses benefit from illegal immigration. The exploited labor is cheap and expendable. Simply by painting Kurdish forces the same involved in head chopping, genital mutilation, and terrorism in Syria, as Socialist, has gathered them support form the unthinking left who along with Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton held tightly on to the “Assad Must Go” policy even when there has never been a plan proposed on what happens after that and who would replace him, and what disastrous results that would beget. Because you see consequences don’t matter to this ilk. Supporting a brand is what matters to them. 3 of the 4 people arrested for tearing down a statue of a Civil War soldier in Durham were all part of the communist party. They dont really care about the Civil War suddenly after 155 years. And although SJW accept the cartoonish GI Joe version of the Civil War of good verse evil, denying the fact that the entire South was offered constitutional protection for slavery before secession through the Corwin amendment and all seceded anyway, that the war physically starts by South Carolina firing on the forth that was collecting the new import and export taxes, Forth Sumter, and the fact that the same state created a secession movement over the tariff issue in 1828 (when slavery was never even mentioned), the real motivation for SJWs isn’t about slavery. President Grant the main Union General had Slaves. He’s on the $50 bill and he also has statues. The real motivation here, is that SJW hate conservatives and they hate the South because they hate red sates. The statues stood through two Obama presidencies. The entire outrage is a horde of leftist still butthurt about Trump being elected president. Immediately, antifa was in DC destroying property as Trump was being sworn in and all throughout the election they screamed racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigot, any ism label you can think of at Donald Trump. they basically got him elected because the general disgust towards the fascist professional-shamers hiding behind political Correctness was seen by the majority as the greater evil.

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