1. The high crime rates and single motherhood rates can be explained by the drug war. The drug war shifts the production and sale of goods into the black market (where there are no legal methods of resolving disputes and is handled violently) and puts many black males or people from poorer communities in prison, leaving many women to choose single parenthood.

    The fact that welfare payments are higher for single women also would lead to a higher number of people reporting that they are single in order to still qualify for payments – so the statistics are probably overinflated.

    “How the War on Drugs is Destroying Black America”

    “Sex and the Single Black Woman: How the Mass Incarceration of Black Men hurts Black Women”

    • So, IMO, there really is something to the “victim status” of the black community, and the answer is not to undermine the support for black women (who have to marry down moreso than women of other races – likely due to the drug war), and lay the full blame on them when they are already faced with having to make more difficult decisions than they should have to, but to end the war on drugs.