Youtube removed this video from several accounts and I am hosting it myself.
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This movie on YouTube was blocked in certain countries.
We all understand that the real reason for blocking it was not a copyright issue but a political issue.
That is why ANC is hosting it
You may hear my hour and a half long interview with the author of Hellstorm, Tom Goodrich here

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  1. Wow, this was fucking intense. I always knew that the allies, also committed atrocities during the war. but this was far beyond what I even thought of the depravity that the west were capable of. In some cases the villains become the victims when they fight those that are even worse when it comes to the “art” of committing atrocities.

    However, I think that we face Ozymandias’s dilemma from watchmen. To expose the most heinous of crimes and risk destroying the very peace that people desire, or allow the lie to continue and risk people forgetting the horrors that “good” people committed in Germany.

    Lastly. I can see were the Israelis get their brutality form now. Seeing as most jews were the masterminds behind the war crimes. However, in relation to the aforementioned Ozymandias’s dilemma. I think it’s best for the world to remember the horror’s of WW2 done by the west, but also ensure that the peace won is not compromised, and that is like flipping a coin and hoping that it lands on it’s edge.

    Like Ghandi said: ” To err is human, To forgive is divine”

  2. Watched it all again, and it hit me harder the second time round. What’s most scary is how little known those atrocities are, the level of depravity is beyond words, and no one brought to account.