When it comes to Iran Contra, Iraq’s alleged WMD, or even “Russia-Gate” opinions range from conspiracy to incredible incompetence or a bit of both as an explanation. The more you know about these events though the more clear it becomes that these were all conspiracies and intentional deceptions. People were convicted of conspiracy for their role in Iran Contra. It absolutely was a covert operation by the CIA as well as a few foreign intelligence agencies who then worked with a localized force of Contras. The Iraq War was a litany of lies not mistakes, and if you know about the OSP, Niger Forgeries, false anthrax accusations, false meeting in Prague, and each lie produced by PNAC’s weekly standard then you know that this was an intentional deception with miscalculation being the plausible deniability. As far as Russia-gate goes, this has yet to be fully flushed out by the main stream alt media, but those ahead of the curve know that Flynn was speaking to Russia at the request of Jared Kushner who was doing so at the request of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The purpose was the get UN Security Council members to change their vote for something that was in Israeli interests not American, thus Israel is actually guilty of doing what Russia is being accused of doing.

But when it comes to 911 the term conspiracy has a very ugly connotation  because unlike the other examples I just quickly gave, a huge stigma has been created around 911 as it was categorically turned into a tar baby by dogmatic and repetitive spookado narratives by kooks online. A healthy degree of skepticism about the events of September 11th very quickly became a business opportunity for charlatans, who knowingly or not, destroyed 911 skepticism and research by hijacking the narrative and filling it with crazy. It started with the Jonestown crowd of Alex Jones and from there it got wilder and more asinine while at the same time more dogmatically defended by memorized slogans and memes mostly if not exclusively about the “physics” of the collapsing Twin Towers. On top of that flight 93 was said to have been shot down and the pentagon they believe, was hit by a missile a global hawk or a drone plane, basically anything but flight 77 despite flight 77 and all its passengers being in the pentagon. (They call themselves 911 Truth Movement. I call them the 911 Kook Movement.).

No matter how you slice it, 911 was a conspiracy. Either Al Qaeda all on their own, did it in secret, which is a conspiracy already, or like Iran Contra, Al Qaeda did it but they were not wholly separate from state agencies who assisted their mission from the shadows, like pretty much every covert operation in the last 30 years. ISIS in Syria follows a similar pattern, yet unlike 911, talking about Syria has not yet been kookafied by the crazies. Many journalist admit and acknowledge the lies about Assad gassing his own people myths in Syria and know that covert state support went to the so called moderate rebels and even Al Qaeda groups in Syria and the US not only knows about it they participated in it. 911 however, is something that people want to distance themselves from even if they doubt the official version of events because the official-unofficial version of events is nearly flat-earth level stupid, and pushed with bitcoin fanatic enthusiasm.

The tactic to maintain such fantasies are twofold:
1. Create straw-men arguments about how bad the thing you just made up is.
2. Accuse non believers as shills and part of the Bush Cheney “official story.”

One of the most popular straw-men about the pentagon goes as follows:
There is no way a Boeing 757 can fit into a 16ft hole. (4.8 meters) X number of Architects and Engineers agree!

That’s true, but it also doesn’t matter because the 16ft hole is only measuring the hole on the second floor while ignoring the 90ft hole underneath it. That architects or engineers or anyone else agree with a false premise doesn’t matter because they are not being given the correct information. Of course a plane doesn’t fit into a 16ft hole. However the hole wasn’t 16fh it was 90ft. (47.4 meters)

What website and films like Loose Change that pretend like there is only a 16ft tunnel in the pentagon only show pictures of the entrance hole that have water or some other obstruction hiding the hole below it. They show you something like this:

Or this

But not this

It doesn’t matter when you point this out though because they have a long list of ad-hoc hypotheses and every one of them has to be debunked before they let it go. Social media doesn’t allow for such a discussion however as responses take a long time and new people always chime in saying the same already debunked nonsense as the last guy and the process has to start all over again. I’ll be addressing a long list of the straw-men and disinformation below, such as: The holes, the cameras, the lawn, the light poles, the debris, engines, spools, the pilots, the “corkscrew dive” and so on. You’ll notice too that they don’t bother giving a motive for why the “NWO” US government or whoever they think did it would switch a plane out for a missile or what happened to the plane so many people saw flying to the pentagon and zero saw fly away from the pentagon, or what happened to all the passengers. It doesn’t matter to them because they got lied to about hole sizes and cameras, most notably by a film called Loose Change which didn’t get even a single fact correct about 911, and they have repeated this to so many people so adamantly that at this point they cannot reverse course without feeling extremely foolish. Most people have a very tough time admitting they are wrong or that they got played. Interestingly the original 911 Kooks are complaining that the new wave of kooks have taken over them movement.

Oh how does that feel?

Once upon a time I thought that people who denied an airplane hit the pentagon, in spite of the fact that the plane’s debris was still in the building, was hands down the dumbest segment of 911 Truth/well poisoning. AE911 formed in 2006 and at first refused to take a stance on the pentagon because it hurt the brand and because half of them couldn’t agree that a plane hit. How could a professional of any field deny a plane hit the building? Well because they were lied to about the facts. When you talk to these people they would give you a line by line list of talking points from Loose Change and then claim oh it wasn’t from the movie they saw. Others like Richard Gage, spokesmen for AE911 included the missile hypothesis as a possibility. He was obviously influenced by Loose Change which is evident because he used slides and clips of Loose Change for his first presentation on the subject. He also appeared on Discovery Channel with Dylan Avery the maker of Loose Change and said the hole in the pentagon was confusing, and then he acted like they could not figure out what caused it but it was probably a missile. This is of course ignoring the airplane debris inside the hole. Last time I checked missiles don’t create plane size holes and then blow up and leave behind a plane as well as dead passengers. The kook movement needs to omit this information and act like everything just burned away, but it is not true. The pentagon split 911 Truth down the middle as some like Mike Rivero refuse to push that nonsense and others couldn’t get enough nonsense. Alex Jones finally weighed in saying to focus on building 7 instead of the pentagon as if flight 77 was some unknowable subject. Being agnostic about that is like being agnostic on the stork theory to explain where babies come from. It took AE911 10 years, and much teeth pulling by people like me, to admit that there was a plane. David Chandler of AE911 wrote a paper about it which as largely just been ignored by penatards. They keep making the same trite arguments, because of the movies they saw, each of which relies on information that simply isn’t true. Even after writing an academic paper showing flight 77 hit the pentagon the group could not have consensus, their back peddling became well maybe it was a different plane, and no human could have piloted it. The ad hoc hypothesis are endless and when you corner them on one they change to a different one. It’s just like a religious cult.

They will say things like:

A plane cannot evaporate! You think a plane just evaporated by fire ha ha LOL get WOKE!!!

The problem with that is this, yes a plane would not evaporate, and it also did not evaporate. It crashed into the building and the debris was also inside the building. That’s what things going 300mph do. They don’t just bounce off the wall like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. A two second google image search on Pentagon debris would debunk their ‘planes disappeared’ claim but you see these “researchers” do not even attempt to falsify their own claim, they only seek to verify it. The debris including both engines and the black-box were recovered. On top of that the DNA was collected from all of the passengers besides the baby. There is even an interactive map locating the remains of the victims. And no, Walter Reed is not “in on it.” That’s the other thing, in order to plant charred pieces of a duplicate plane parts and fake the DNA records, the conspiracy would need to get all the police, firemen, EMTs, pathologist and other medics, witnesses, employees and of course family members of the passengers to all lie at the same time and never break their silence. They would need to fake the plane debris, fake the DNA, fake the giant hole, and they would also need to fake voice recordings of the calls made from the air-phones which were good enough to fool family members. Also if they were in control over the whole thing they could have simply just not have made any calls. Why do all the extra work? Notice I said air-phones not cell phones.

Sadly all of that is mild compared to the level of audacity and sheer jaw dropping stupidity that 911 ‘truth’ has reached today. All I had to do was wait for Judy Wood and the energy beam/ hologram crowd to appear on the scene, to learn that stupidity has no bottom. I noticed the huge overlap between that crowd and flat Earthers and school shooting deniers. The commonality is paranoia, ignorance, and a need to dogmatically preach whatever they just had spoon fed to them from a YouTube video.

Because none of these people will do open debate on Skype, I decided to make this 911 well poison antidote page. It’s going to be time consuming, but it will take less time than re-explaining the same basic facts to hard headed double digit IQ simpletons over and over again.

See Debris page

On top of that, which I find both hilarious and pathetic, is all these people who signed their names and credentials over to AE911 and its “Architectural expert Opinion” about the pentagon and yet they did not even know what the basic architecture of the pentagon even was! One claim ‘Truthers’ often say about the pentagon which AGAIN is pretending like there is no airplane debris, says that there is no way a 757 could smashed through all those reinforced walls, to make a punch out in the C-ring. How could it go through all those rings they profess and drop the mic. Here is the huge problem. The first and Second Floors of the Pentagon did not and still do not have any rings.

Gosh it really would help to know the architecture of the building BEFORE giving your ‘accredited’ opinion as an architect. That has got to be beyond embarrassing. I would be mortified if I had dogmatically preached a talking point as an professional architect, without bothering to learn what the architecture even was. But these people did not really do any researched, that is obvious. They just watched Loose Change and trusted that the information in it was correct. Well it wasn’t. In fact, one couldn’t make a film more wrong if they did it on purpose.

This webpage is under construction, next we will address, the flight path, Hanjour, the Cameras at the Pentagon, and so on.

I talked with David Cole Stein for Taki magazine about some of the silly inside the 911 conspiracy realm. I do not think Al Qaeda is wholly separate from intelligence agencies as can be seen from their creation in Afghanistan and their no so covert support in Syria. I made a 5hr documentary about what happened on 911 based on the evidence called The Empire Unmasked. I am not just saying what didn’t happen I am saying what happened, and with real names and documents, not ultra vague terms like The NWO, Globalist, Illuminati, Rothschild, CFR, Free mason, Bavarian, Luciferian, the elite, the Deep State or They. No matter what 911 is a conspiracy. Even in the government’s version, we still have a conspiracy created by Al Qaeda allegedly all by themselves. But of course, portions of the 911 kook movement think hijackers are still alive or never existed. In the same breath they’ll say Bin Laden tapes were fake. There is actually good evidence to show than some Osama bin Laden tapes were fake, however that claim gets cast into the crazy talk basket because of all the other nonsense attached to it. It is important to at minimal admit Al Qaeda hijackers were real before you can figure out their covert state sponsored funding and logistical support. And they had both and still do.

When I was a boy we had the Iran Contra scandal. The CIA was smuggling in arms to Contras in Nicaragua and neighboring states and also smuggling out narcotics. At the same time the administration was denouncing both the Contras and illegal drugs. There was a very public trial for the illegal arms side of the event. The late Robert Parry blew the lid off more than just Iran Contra. He also revealed the October Surprise. However at no point did people claim the Contras didn’t exist or the CIA was using holograms or the plane crash in Nicaragua was a missile or global-hawk. People just weren’t that fucking stupid. We have a similar situation in Syria or did under the Obama administration where Al Qaeda or groups which are publicly denounced were covertly being armed by the CIA. But by and large people simply just don’t care and do not remember or never learned about Iran Contra. Iran Contra by the way was a massive government conspiracy and people were convicted of conspiracy. Conspiracies happen. What makes the term conspiracy taboo are all the goofy conspiratorial claims that range in their degree of paranoia and stupidity from Hitler escaping to Argentina, Elvis is still alive, the Moon landing was fake, Big Foot, Nash and Hall were agents of McMahon and so on. Some of them are however very entertaining.

In his first State of the Union Address President Trump brought up the opioid crisis and publicly recognized a couple who had adopted a baby from an heroine addicted mother. It was a very emotional moment. In the speech however there was no connection made to the narco-traffic from Afghanistan and its effects on the West. You’d hear more about that from Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix than you would on the three letter networks. But you see there is no middle. On the one side you have ANCNNBCBS FOX lying about America’s war and finances. Weapons of mass destruction Gaddafi attacked his own people, too big to fail Assad must go Russian hackers on the other side we have people who reject the MSM but fully embrace the batshit crazy land of Jonestown or worse who liken all disagreement as being pro official story the same way and as often as an SJW brands any opposition as a Nazi or a fill in the blank negative epithet.

I’m going to be in LA March 4, 2018 to make a presentation on 911 that doesn’t have anything to do with how the buildings fell. We Are Change is invited. You’re all invited. We will see if the years of well poisoning by films like loose change can be cured or not.

STRAW-MEN and general Dumb Assery
Aluminum is softer that that which it was striking do how could it go through it! HAHA LOL get WOKE you blue pill sheeple Apparently while remembering about density they forgot about velocity. Here is a pumpkin going through a van. Note that the steel van side is harder than a pumpkin.

Velocity matters.

Here is another of a big pumpkin not moving very fast at all crushing metal. Mass also matters.

In the case of a cross country airplanes loaded with fuel, you have velocity and mass. Why does fuel matter? Try crushing an empty coke can vs a full one. People think oh aluminum is so soft because they can stomp a can. A can is millimeters thick. Try hitting an aluminum baseball bat on your foot. Stomp on it all you want. Now scale that up to the size and thickness of an airplane.

Saying fire can’t bring a building down is a really stupid argument to claim it has to be bombs, shape charges etc. A fire with no jet fuel at all can bring down a building if the fire prevention system fails.

Here is a better argument.
Police and Fireman both found explosive devises in the building prior to its collapse. Pat Dawson (NBC) and Rick Sanchez (Fox) both reported this. We have multiple witnesses including George Stephanopoulos (ABC) confirming that the entire subway system which connected to the underground WTC parking garages were filled with smoke. We have seismic evidence showing explosions below prior to each collapse, and we have film of the lobbies with broken windows and panels blown off the wall before the collapse. Witnesses also heard explosions from below.

Later Israelis were caught in a van working for a fake moving company with explosives just like what had been reported found in the WTC by police. This lead to six other moving companies just in NJ/NY all Israeli. One had even transported a 911 hijacker from NY to FL and other Israelis lived next door to him and other hijackers. When the ringleader of the hijackers Mohammed Atta moved to NY from Florida so did hid Israeli neighbors.

Later we busted an Israeli cell in TN which at the time of their arrest had a WTC pass on their person dated Sep 5th to illegally do work in the towers on the fire prevention systems no less and this to traced back to a fake company the owners of this company were indicted for forging reference letters and fire prevention credentials. Both its owners were indicted and all six men went to jail. A woman who was to testify in their case who most likely had provided them with Fake IDs was burned to death in her car the day before the trial.

Anthrax letters soon followed the September Eleventh attack and they mention Israel by name yet target politicians who were attempting to pass the Leahy Amendments which would ban arm sales to Israel. These anthrax letters were then blamed on Iraq by the Israelis who lied and said they witnessed a transfer in Prague between Iraqis and Al Qaeda.

In 1992 anthrax went missing where a group of scientists who had been doing after hours work they had been ordered not to do. This same group harassed an Arab co-work leading them to be reprimanded. Two of them Phil Zach and Marian Rippy were having an affair. And after Zach no longer worked at USAMRIID Rippy he let him in at night to continue to do private research on anthrax. It’s on film. Months later in 1993 WTC occurred. Could an anthrax follow up been in the plans? Well the 93 bombing was botched. The Ryder truck they used was parked outside of the edge on the WTC so the explosion missed the foundation. Furthermore the FBI was recorded saying it would be a sting operation and a fake bomb however no sting came and the bomb they gave them was real. The apartment the terrorist stupidly used as the phone number for in order to rent their truck traced back to Josie Hadas an Israeli agent (March 9, 1993 Guardian) and her apartment had bomb making instructions in it was well as traces of explosives.

But keep sticking your head up your butt looking for nano thermite and ignore the whole picture.

Fire Can take down a building. It really can. That doesn’t mean it Did. It means that yes it is physically possible so stop making that your best argument.