Women’s march selective outrage


It was a look at me march.
You safely oppose something overwhelming accepted as bad like misogyny and then feel self righteous.

When real misogyny is happening, sex slavery, secondary citizenry, stoning to death, starving to death, as our foreign policy has done that’s all ok because a white guy didn’t do it.

I’ll tell you this too as stupid as it is to blame a biological group for bad things that governments did it’s also silly to credit a biological group for what individuals did in a free market system. People didn’t invent things because they were of x biology. They made things because of capitalism. Communism fails no matter what race is practicing it. Theocracy fails. Feudalism fails.

Once Japan and Korea got rid of monarchy and embraced representative government and markets, they too started producing if not out producing the western states. Progress is a product of less government not biology.