Sut Jhally is not gong to the LA screening.


Apparently the liberal professor doesn’t like my opinions about the Civil War and WWII. What a jack ass. I already spent money for international flights and a venue. This chickenshit actually called me anti-Semitic for interviewing people he doesn’t like. I’ve interviewed three revisionist ever, David Cole, Germar Rudolf, and Eric Hunt.
First was David Cole. This was a Jewish ex-revisionist. He got beat up for his views and his life threatened. He went into hiding. Later he honestly recanted. I found that interesting. Here was a guy who lost it all over his views and stuck to his guns then changed his mind based on new evidence. Second was Germar who was a scientist who got thrown in jail because he did not bring back the results for chemical test done on the walls of gas chambers that were expected. They threw him in jail over science and ruined his marriage. I found that interesting from a free speech point of view. And third was Eric Hunt who is a revisionist and made some films. The plan was to have Cole and Hunt debate. It did not fall through. None of these men are anti Semitic in the slightest. They just don’t believe 6 million people were gassed to death. They do concede that people were starved, shot, and worked to death and died from disease. David thinks about 2.4 million Germar maybe 3 million Eric about 1.6 million. No one “denies” labor camps and death. David doesn’t even disregard gas chambers. They must think a lot more was due to starvation. If you look at camp survivors conditions that ought to be common sense. I don’t know who is right or of all of them are wrong but I let them speak about their experience mainly on their persecution. The only one to really focus on the holocaust itself was Eric Hunt. We allow revision for every other war so why not WWII? It doesn’t account for even 1% of my interviews.
The civil war I think I did maybe a total of four or five shows ever on that topic. One almost a year ago today