Recommended Books

American Made: Who Killed Barry Seal?

Shaun Attwood

Fools Errand

Scott Horton on the Afghanistan War

Mosquito Fleet (Civil War)

by Scott Dawson

The Separation of Business and State

by Ryan Dawson

Blood Red Snow
Gunter Koschorrek

Best book on Iran Contra financing

Gary Byrne

Kim Murphy (There were 109,397 cases of gonorrhea, and 73,382 cases of syphilis in the Union army and 450 Union soldiers court-martialed for Rape. Mostly there are only reports for ‘peace time’ during the occupation. Gang rape was common.)

Sabine Hossenfelder

Divert by Grant F smith

CIA as Organized crime by Doug Valentine

The Strength of the Wolf Doug Valentine

Ric Flair

Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper

Why Peace

by Thomas Sowell

Best starter book for causes of the Civil War