Justice for Harry Dunn


On August 27th 2019, Anne Sacoolas an American living in Britain, ran over and killed Harry Dunn. Afterwards Sacoolas fled the country and claimed to have diplomatic immunity. Her husband worked for American intelligence and also happened to work on an RAF base in Croughton, Northamptonshire. Harry Dunn was only 19. Anne Sacoolas 42 was driving on the wrong side of the road, She admitted this. Anne Sacoolas slammed her SUV into Harry’s motorbike and killed him. Sacoolas may have been drinking.  Sacoolas took a breathalyzer test but the results were not published which all all likelihood means she failed it. There is no reason to suppress the results of a passed test. Her car nearly plowed head on into another car, as it was on the wrong side of the road earlier, which fortunately is on film. Even after being warmed by horn honking and correcting her position, Anne apparently went back on the wrong side of the road again just  a few hundred yards later, and it proved fatal for her victim. This is not something sober people do.



Sacoolas had been convicted in 2006 in Virginia for “failing to pay full attention,” a NOVA county ordinance serious enough to carry jail time and considered to be a criminal misdemeanor. The records were destroyed, so police have no further details. This is not the purpose of diplomatic immunity. It is up to the US, however, to waive her immunity. Sacoolas was charged with “causing death by dangerous driving” however, US Sec of State (and former head of spooks) Mike Pompeo rejected the extradition request. Public pressure needs to mount to get Justice for Harry Dunn. Spouse of a spook does not give Americans the right to kill British civilian Teenagers without any consequences.  The UK could at minimal ban from the country, at least this way she could never return.

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Anne Sacoolas filling up her bloody people smashing SUV



UK and US ’embroiled in diplomatic row’ over Harry Dunn case





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