Expedition Unknown S03E04 The Lost Colony of Roanoke


 My brother was on the end of this show. you will know who he is because we are twins. 

The English had been to Croatoan and lived there for two years before  they ever went to Roanoke. They brought three natives from Croatoan back  with them to England. This was all before the lost colony. Manteo even  learned to speak English. Obviously after Ralph Lane started a war with  the mainland tribes, the only logical destination for the men on Roanoke  would be to join Manteo on Croatoan Isnald where they were safe. They  literally wrote it down and there are European artifacts being dug up on  Hatteras island. Roanoke has had 100s of state sponsored digs and not  found what a single dig on Hatteras produced. 

 The Lost Colony became  lost in 1937 not 1587. A popular play gave Roanoke significance in order  to get federal funding for roads. Hatteras and Ocracoke already had the  lighthouses. The 1930s audience also didn’t like the idea of race  mixing as Hollywood had been demonizing Indians. So they just  “disappeared.”  Roanoke is completely invested financially in keeping the myth alive.  The town is named Manteo, every street is named after characters in the  play.

 King James who founded Jamestown was also not interested in  finding what happened to the colonist of his political and economic  rivals. But John Lawson did discover Indians from the Carolinas with  gray eyes who said their ancestors were from Sir Walter Raleigh and  could speak out of a book. Thus the colony survived and assimilated.  They wet to Hatteras they did not split up and go west as those tribes  all wanted them dead. The central town on Hatteras called Buxton (which a  judge named after himself) was originally called Croatoan, that is  where they went case closed.