Vegas shooting reactions a trite political football again ignoring key facts


The left will blame guns the right will invent conspiracies theories saying it is the government doing it so they can take away guns. Both are wrong. It’s a real event in this case using guns that are already illegal.

Changing the gun law doesn’t matter. Look at Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, they all have tens of thousands of shooting deaths despite strict gun laws. Brazil just had a 6 day shoot out between gangs where the army had to be called in. The gangs had fully automatic weapons and rail guns the only people without guns were the law abiding citizens. Thinking guns will stop if you make them illegal is like thinking drug use will stop if it’s illegal. Guns as well as drugs depend on cultural and economic conditions.

Guns and drugs are illegal in Japan and Japan doesn’t have a gun problem or drug problem. Guns and drugs are just as illegal in Brazil and it still has huge problems with both.Chicago banned guns. Here is past few days in Chicago, Oct 2 Oct 1 Oct 1 Sep 30 Sep 29 Pregnant woman among 18 shot, 5 fatally, in city shootings. Murdering people is also against the law. Apparently suicidal criminals do not care much what the laws are. Venezuela outright banned private gun ownership. Little good that did as it remains being among the most violent in the world. The CIA provides access to both. The cartel provide the CIA money laundering and a huge black market budget for off the books Operations. How do you think ISIS got TOW missiles and a thousand Toyota trucks, mounted machine guns and communication equipment mortars and ammo the size of a modern army? Syria had no right to bear arms. Policy has to change not gun laws.

Just one time after a horrible shooting I wish we could focus on mental health. But if you watch mass media, you will notice something about all of them. Every single one of them is flooded with the “ask your doctor ads” for prescription drugs from big-pharma. They don’t run gun ads, they run drug ads. So the focus may never be on mental health or the effects on some people from mind altering drugs meant to fight depression and other illnesses.

Mass shootings and mental health

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