Vegas Crime scene Photos


The Shooter broke out two windows to take shots from two vantage points on the 32nd floor

He pushed two chairs together to make a cradle for his guns.

More guns

The body of Stephen C. Paddock after he took his own life before Police could open his door. The shooter had multiple hidden cameras. One in the food cart outside monitoring the hallways, one in the peep hole on his door, and one filming himself. This was certainly premeditated. He shot himself after shooting people for 9 to 11 minutes. Cops blew open the door an hour and 12 minutes minutes after his murder spree began and found Paddock had killed himself. Police claim he shot at them as they blew open the door but that then he shot himself. Since he was filming himself we will see how true that statement is if that footage is ever released. It appears he may have left a note written on the pink paper.

Reactions are predictable.

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