UN votes against Israel’s racial colonies


Abstaining was the most gutless thing. If you agree with the resolution then vote yes. The US agreed with the resolution but didn’t have the balls to vote for it. They let everyone else unanimously vote yes.

I really wish I had my talk from Australia because I said this was coming. Israel put all its eggs in one basket and the US is getting sick of it. Now is the time to contact trump and oppose the lobby. Let him know loud and clear we want to settlements and that Israel has NOTHING to offer other than bribing congress.

Of course Alex Jonestown is selling fear porn and cucking for Israel.

Alex has always cucked for Israel.
The Wahabbi-Zionist paradigm is as false as left and right. Both groups are religious fanatics the IS promoted in its anti communist movement and they continue to push them because religious fanatics are good for war not to mention both groups openly bribe and lobby the congress.
When to criticize wahabbi identitarians scream Islamophobic, when you criticize Israel they scream antisemitic. The truth is both groups are religious bigots with vicious in groups who slaughter all their neighbors. As far as the media goes. We at least voice attacking ISIS and covetly support them. We overtly give the Zionist support and send them billions of dollars. They absolutely control the narrative on Palestine.

Alex conflates Palestinians with the US Israeli Saudi backed hordes in Northern Africa. Jones has no geopolitical skill or historical knowledge. He’s a Christian bigot red neck who pushes fear porn and wild conspiracies.

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