Syrian army liberates 70% of Jordanian border from US supported terrorists (video)


Miku S (ANC Report)

Several days ago the Syrian army began a new offensive along the country’s border with Jordan. The offensive has the objective of clearing Syria’s border with Jordan from United States trained and armed Free Syrian Army terrorists. In a very short period of time, the new operation has yielded control of most of the Syria-Jordan border to government-led forces.

Despite the Syrian army being heavily committed to battles against so-called Islamic State terrorists (as called IS, ISIS and ISIL) in the east of Syria, important military operations continue to take place in the far south-west of the country along the Jordanian border against the Free Syrian Army.

The terrorists opposing the Syrian army in this region continue to be openly supported by the CIA. The provision of weapons and training are the basis of this support.

From what can be understood, the Syrian army is not alone in its border clearing operation as it is being supported by militias who fight on the side of the Damascus government including Hezbollah and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP).

Syrian army and allies battle along the Syria-Jordan border

Over three days of battling the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian army and Damascus alliance militias have achieved control of 70% of the Jordanian border in what has turned out to be a lightening advance.

The Syrian army controlled about 40% of the Jordanian border prior to the new offensive. This means that government-led troops have almost doubled the area of control they initially had in just 72 hours of operations.

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